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May 16, 2012


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I love Biaggi's and PF Chang's. But for fast food, I really like Chipotle, where I can get a burrito bowl and feel safe. We eat there pretty often.

Bonnie Belliston

I continue to learn from your posts. Thank you.

Laura Garofolo

Our gluten free girl's favorite chains in the Washington DC area are Glory Days and Silver Diner.

She is so young and cute to be gluten-free that most places end up falling all over themselves to make sure she is happy...it makes dining out so EASY!!!!

There are a few places that are sooo bad she can't even walk through the door without getting sick (Panera's), which happen to be her sister's favorites.


PF Chang's is our best bet. We have also done OK with Outback Steakhouse.


I surely am glad for the list of chain restaurants with gf menus; I just wish there were more of them in middle Georgia!

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