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Gluten-Free in ITALY: Your Worry-Free & Gluten-Free Travel Guide to Italy

Have you dreamed of being able to enjoy authentic Neapolitan style pizza? Homemade gluten-free pasta with almost any sauce you can imagine? Gluten-free Nutella crepes? Freshly made gelato in a variety of gluten-free flavors?

GF pizza

No, I'm not trying to torture you...but rather give you hope. These things do exist, and if you've ever longed to go to Italy, you can now entertain that thought...without worrying about how you'll stay gluten-free. 

I'm thrilled to announce the publication of my second e-book, Gluten-Free in ITALY: Your Worry-Free & Gluten-Free Guide to Italy. Like my first e-book, Gluten-Free in LONDON, this guide to ITALY provides you with everything you need for a successful (and safely gluten-free) trip: restaurant recommendations, advice on accommodations, tips for getting around each city (and between cities), the scoop on the best tours and excursions, and suggestions for saving money. You can literally use the book as a day-by-day guide to the cities our family just visited in late June/early July: Rome, Florence, and Venice

Rome colosseum

Our 12-day journey was a dream come true. We had enough time in each city so that we didn't feel rushed (although you never really have enough time to see all the amazing sites Italy has to offer...after all, 50% of the world's historic sites are found in this one country alone!) We hit many of the most popular tourist attractions in each city. We even took day trips to Pompeii/Mt. Vesuvius as well as Pisa and Lucca in Tuscany. The hours of work I'd spent researching restaurants before our trip paid off, and we learned a lot more throughout our trip. I've been actively writing this book since returning from Italy, and I guarantee it will save you countless hours of your own in terms of researching and planning.

The book is organized in a similar way to how we planned our trip. After prioritizing which sites we wanted to see, I researched restaurants to determine which were most GF-friendly -- and also convenient to the sites we'd be seeing on any given day. I've plotted both sites and restaurants on customized maps so you can see the relative proximity of everything.

Florence Duomo

There are literally dozens of restaurants where you can safely eat in each city, and the quality of the food is probably beyond what you've ever experienced here in the United States. I know this was the case with us, and we tend to eat out and travel quite a bit. But I guess our great dining experiences in Italy should come as no surprise...if anyone is going to figure out how to make good gluten-free pizza or pasta, it's the Italians! You really cannot believe it's all gluten-free!

For Italians, mealtime is such an important -- and social -- part of the day. They take Celiac seriously and want to make sure even people who are gluten-free can enjoy all the fresh ingredients and amazing cooking techniques -- as well as all the love -- that goes into an Italian meal. They don't want anyone to feel left out or shortchanged.

Of course, not all restaurants have made the commitment to learning how to safely serve gluten-free diners, and that's where this e-book comes in handy. You'll read about our taste-tested favorite well as others that are highly recommended. I give you tips on how to communicate your gluten-free needs and the signs that indicate a restaurant is a top spot for gluten free dining. Purchasing this book will be the best money you spend from your travel budget! For the price of a glass of good Italian wine here at home (it's cheaper in Italy!), you'll get the assurance you need -- and the specific details -- to start planning an amazing trip of your own. 

Venice gondola

Italy continues to be the #1 travel destination for Americans, and it's no wonder why. The sites, the history, the art, the architecture, the beauty, the romance, the friendly people...and the food. It's the perfect mix of elements to feed your soul.

It was especially gratifying to see our son have his choice of virtually anything on many restaurants' menus...and feast on true Neapolitan pizza, gluten free Cacio e Pepe pasta (a light alfredo sauce with cracked pepper -- a simple yet amazingly good Roman specialty), fried calamari, fish and chips, lasagna, gnocchi, bruschetta, tiramisu, lava cake, amazing gelato, and more. A few of the restaurants we dined at were 100% gluten free.

GF crepes

I love sharing what I've learned about gluten free dining when traveling, and I know this book will help you plan your own amazing trip to Italy. The land of (gluten-free) pizza and pasta awaits you!

You can find Gluten-Free in ITALY on It can be downloaded and read on your computer, tablet, or e-reader using the free Kindle app. If London's more your thing, you may want to download Gluten-Free in LONDON: Your Worry-Free, Gluten-Free Travel Guide to London instead. I'm so happy to tell you that both destinations are amazing, from a sightseeing AND a gluten free dining perspective.