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Great Gluten-Free Mixes From the Heartland!

I don't usually blog about gluten-free food, per se, unless the focus is on dining out or traveling gluten-free. But recently I was sent some great gluten-free mixes from a company based in Amarillo, Texas, called Mixes From the Heartland. So far my family and I have sampled the Chicken and Rice Soup, Cajun Pastalaya Soup Mix, gluten-free flour mix, strawberry dip, and "Impossible Coconut Pie" mix. We've thoroughly enjoyed them all and still have a few more to try: Texas Sausage and Bean soup, the Spinach and Chives dip mix, and the Green Chili Veggie Dip Mix. The mixes are so easy to make (you usually only need to add 1-3 ingredients to the prepared "dry mix"). For example, tonight I made the Cajun Pastalaya Soup mix which came packaged with gluten-free pasta and a large spice packet. You simply add chicken or sausage (I made it with a little of both), crushed tomatoes, and water. It took less than 30 minutes to make -- start to finish -- and was delicious...a hearty, satisfying, and healthy dish. The Chicken and Rice soup was equally as good (it just needed more water than what the recipe called for). But my... Read more →