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Named "Best Gluten-Free Restaurant Chain" in the 2012 Gluten-Free Readers' Choice Awards, Ted's Montana Grill is a restaurant you'll want to check out, if you haven't already. My own family has dined there several times and is never disappointed. The menu and atmosphere have a unique twist...making you feel like you are, indeed, dining in "Big Sky Country." Now, in honor of Celiac Awareness Month, Ted's Montana Grill is offering a $30 Gift Card to the lucky winner of this week's random drawing (more details on how to enter can be found below...). Ted's Montana Grill is named after businessman, philanthropist, environmentalist, and avid outdoorsman Ted Turner. In 2002, he joined forces with famed restauranteur George McKerrow to open their first Ted's location in Columbus, Ohio, and the chain has since grown to over 40 locations in 16 states. Their focus is on the hearty food of "Big Sky Country" -- and they offer the biggest bison menu in the world (both steaks and burgers). But they know how to do seafood well, too, and in fact I've ordered fish the last couple times we've visited one of their restaurants. On their Gluten Free Menu, they offer both Cedar... Read more →

Today, we highlight the gluten free offerings at Legal Seafood and give you a chance to win a $25 Gift Card to use at any of their 33 restaurants. This is part of our ongoing series highlighting gluten-free friendly restaurant chains during Celiac Awareness Month -- and giving you the chance to win gift cards to some of our favorite spots. I remember 9 years ago when our 22 month old son Ryan was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Back then, most people hadn't heard of Celiac Disease. We certainly hadn't. And Ryan was the first patient our pediatrician had diagnosed with the disease (and he has a huge practice with thousands of patients). After the diagnosis, the initial panic about what we would feed our son quickly dissipated as I buried myself in research both online and offline. But as well all know, it's relatively easy maintain a high degree of control in one's own kitchen. It can be an entirely different story when dining out (at least it certainly was in 2005!). If it took me a couple weeks to get up to speed on the intricacies of what Ryan could and couldn't eat, the hidden sources of gluten,... Read more →

In honor of Celiac Awareness Month, this is our third of many giveaways. We're having a drawing for a $25 gift card to Burtons Grill, and in the coming weeks, we'll have similar gift card giveaways for more GF-freindly restaurants. Be sure to check back -- or better yet, enter your email in the box on the right to "Subscribe" to our blog feed and get emails when we publish a new post. Now, let me share Burtons exciting gluten free menu additions for the month of May and how you can enter our Giveaway... Burtons Grill is one of the places our family makes a point of visiting when we visit family in the Boston area. With ten locations on the East Coast (5 in Massachusetts, 1 in Connecticut, 1 in New Hampshire, 2 in Virginia, and 1 in South Carolina), chances are, there's one near you or in a place you travel. This "casual upscale" restaurant chain offers one of the more extensive Gluten Free Menus (both for lunch and dinner). This month, in honor of Celiac Awareness Month, Food and Beverage Manager Dan Greenough has modified some options that aren't typically available for gluten sensitive guests, without... Read more →

In honor of Celiac Awareness Month, this is our second of many giveaways. We're having a drawing for a $25 gift card to California Pizza Kitchen, and in the coming weeks, we'll have similar gift card giveaways for more GF-freindly restaurants. Be sure to check back -- or better yet, enter your email in the box on the right to "Subscribe" to our blog feed and get emails when we publish a new post. Now, for the low-down on CPK's gluten free pizzas and details of how you can enter our Giveaway... Back in October, I had the pleasure of visiting California Pizza Kitchen's test kitchen in Redondo Beach, California, just as they were getting ready to roll out their new gluten free pizzas nationwide. The four gluten free pizzas -- Margherita, Pepperoni, The Original BBQ Chicken Pizza (CPK was the original creator of this one!), and Mushroom/Pepperoni/Sausage -- were all equally delicious. I'm not even typically a fan of BBQ Chicken Pizza (don't know why...I just prefer BBQ in other forms), but I loved their version of the pizza. Aside from being gluten free, here are some of the ingredients that make their pizzas so special: THE ORIGINAL BBQ... Read more →

Dr. Alessio Fasano, arguably the world's leading researcher and expert on Celiac Disease, has written a new book, and I was sent an "advance" copy. It's called Gluten Freedom, and I haven't been able to put it down. Although I'm not finished with it yet, I wanted to tell you about it right away -- and give you a chance to win it for yourself in our special giveaway. Just about anyone who is affected by Celiac Disease knows the name Alessio Fasano. Our family was among the fortunate ones to know him, not as a researcher, but as a pediatric gastroenterologist. You see, our son was among his patients at the Center for Celiac Research in Baltimore, Maryland -- before the Center moved to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. We saw him every 18 months or so, so that our son could have labwork done and make sure no gluten was sneaking into his diet. Dr. Fasano and his staff were always so positive, and I'll never forget his comment on our very first visit to his office, shortly after our son was diagnosed 9 years ago. He said, "At some point in the not-too-distant future, Ryan will be... Read more →

Have you ever experienced the frustration of having a meal ruined by cross contamination from serving spoons used for something containing gluten or peanuts? Maybe you've had this happen during a holiday meal at a relative's item that was indeed gluten free somehow got contaminated by someone using a serving spoon from a gluten-containing item. Or maybe you've prepared two batches of pasta in your own house -- one for gluten-free members of the family and one for non-GF folks. Somehow the spoons for stirring and serving the pasta get mixed up, and the dinner is ruined for the gluten-free people. And if you're dealing with an allergy to peanuts, the need to keep serving utensils straight can be even more important, since people with allergies can have an immediate and anaphylactic reaction. That's why Wendy Krakower, founder of The Food Allergy Kitchenware Company, introduced two special, high-quality stainless steel spoons for families with gluten and/or peanut sensitivities. They have a special stamping on the tip of the handle indicating gluten free or peanut free, helping whomever is cooking or serving your meals keep things safe. I first wrote about Wendy's products back in May, and now she's offered... Read more →

Without a doubt, Wildfire restaurant has one of the best Gluten Free Menus around. We're fortunate to have one of their 7 locations not too far from our home, so we've visited there several times. Each experience has been better than the last. We want YOU to be able to experience Wildfire for yourself...that's why we're giving away two $25 Gift Cards, one to each of two lucky winners (details at the end of this post). The options on Wildfire's extensive Gluten Free Menu are almost overwhelming: homemade thin-crust gluten free pizza, gluten free pastas, steaks, chops, chicken, ribs, fish, shellfish, sandwiches, and burgers. They even bake their own rolls for the burgers and sandwiches. There are no fewer than 7 appetizers on the Gluten Free Menu -- something for every taste or mood (although our family typically goes right for the salads and entrees!). Some favorites in our family from our visits to Wildfire have included the Fresh Mozzarella Pizza, Shrimp and (gluten free) Penne, Roasted Beet & Goat Cheese Salad, Wildfire Chopped Salad, New York Strip Steak (steaks can be served "plain," or with any of three gluten free options: garlic crust, bernaise sauce, and peppercorn sauce), Macadamia... Read more →

It seems pizza restaurants all over are hopping on the gluten free bandwagon and offering gluten free pizza...but if you're Celiac or gluten sensitive, it's important to ask the right questions before blindly devouring any "gluten free" pizza. After all, we've all heard the stories about cross contamination rendering supposedly "gluten free" pizzas unsafe for consumption -- except for those folks following a gluten free diet by choice. Pizza Pie Cafe is one place you can feel safe. If you live in Idaho or Utah, you have 11 Pizza Pie Cafe locations to choose from (and they'll be opening another one -- in West Jordan, UT -- in mid-February). Apparently, further expansion is planned as well. They follow safe practices to avoid cross contamination, including keeping the gluten free pizza crust in its own separate pan during preparation and cooking, using separate sauce and a separate ladle, changing gloves, and using a separate pizza cutter. Pizza Pie Cafe offers a gluten free version of its All You Can Eat pizza, pasta, and salad bar. And they will make ANY gluten free pizza (whichever combination of toppings you like), upon request. Even though there's a $2 upcharge for gluten free, it's... Read more →

Have you tried the gluten free assortment of LUNA Protein bars? Do you love them as much as our family does? We all have a different favorite flavor, but one thing we can agree on is that they make a delicious, healthy snack for between meals...and are perfect for travel. How would you like a chance to WIN a whole box of 12 LUNA Protein bars in your favorite flavor? Gluten Free Travel Blog and our sister website, GlutenFreeTravelSite, are hosting a contest in honor or Celiac Awareness Day, this Friday September 13, in which one lucky winner will receive a box of LUNA bars. How do you enter? Simply submit a gluten free dining or travel review to GlutenFreeTravelSite between now and 12:00 NOON (Eastern time) on Friday, September 13, and you will be entered into a drawing in which we will select ONE lucky winner at random from the pool of entries (review submissions). You can submit a review of a restaurant, market, hotel, resort, inn, cruise ship -- or even a college, camp, or church that offers GF communion. Each review submission will count as one entry into the contest. You may submit as many reviews of... Read more →

A representative from P.F. Chang's contacted me recently and sent my family to our local P.F. Chang's to try some of the new additions to their Gluten Free Menu. Already big fans of P.F. Chang's, we were excited to sample a few new items we hadn't yet had the opportunity to order. Beginning this past Spring, P.F. Chang's started offering seasonal menu items available only for a limited time. Now through the end of August, they are offering their Summer Menu, which includes one new gluten free item: Summer Vegetable Quinoa "Fried Rice." This is such a unique and delicious meal, and a description just doesn't do it justice. You really have to try this entree yourself. It's described as "Wok-toasted quinoa with sunburst squash, mango, tomatoes, and snow peas -- topped with a sunny-side egg." I'm already a big fan of quinoa, and the quinoa used in this dish is red quinoa, which I found especially tasty. Upon delivering the Summer Vegetable Quinoa "Fried Rice" to the table, your server will immediately cut and mix the sunny side egg into the quinoa, where it becomes part of the "sauce." This was really cool to watch -- and made me... Read more →

It's back by popular demand. Yes, if you missed one of the last two Gluten Free Culinary Getaways sponsored by Jovial Foods, now is your chance. Once again, this maker of gluten free Italian pasta, olive oil, sauces, and cookies is hosting a week-long culinary getaway in the Tuscan town of Lucca, Italy from September 7-14, 2013. You'll learn the secrets of gluten free Italian cooking as "Gluten Free Girl" Shauna James Ahern and her husband Daniel Ahern (a.k.a. "The Chef") demonstrate their knowledge and skills in the kitchen. Three hands-on demonstrations will be followed by wonderful gluten free meals, and both a Welcome and Farewell Dinner are also included. Best of all, Jovial Foods will award one lucky winner a free trip for two to attend this fabulous GF Getaway in Tuscany! And it couldn't be easier to enter...just visit their Facebook page to learn more. The contest is open through July 15, 2013. This is a perfect opportunity to combine a vacation to one of the most beautiful areas of the world with an education in gluten free cooking. Whether you're new to the gluten free diet or have been following if for years, you're sure to pick... Read more →

Do you like KIND snack bars as much as our family does? Gluten free or not, I think they are hands-down some of the best snack bars on the market. In fact, I published a Blog post not too long ago about their different types of bars -- all of which are incredibly delicious. I love their wide range of flavors, and they keep introducing NEW ones all the time. Hitting stores this week are two new varieties from their popular Nuts & Spices line of bars, which is their line of naturally low sugar bars (5 g or less per bar). One of the new flavors is Maple Glazed Pecan and Sea Salt, a sweet and salty combination of pecans, almonds, and peanuts covered in maple syrup with a touch of sea salt. It contains 5 g of fiber and 6 g of protein. The other new variety -- for all you advernturous chocoholics -- is Dark Chocolate Chili Almond, a sweet and spicy blend of mixed nuts drizzled in chocolate with a trio of cascabel, ancho, and habanero chilies. It provides 7 g of fiber and 6 g of protein -- all with only 5 g of sugar.... Read more →