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Here I am with Ryan, my son and the inspiration behind the Gluten Free Travel Blog. It's hard to believe this young man was once so very sick -- and from something so prevalent in most people's diets: gluten.

In the first few months after Ryan was diagnosed with Celiac Disease (just before he turned two), our family learned to prepare gluten-free meals quite successfully. Our one big challenge remained keeping Ryan's diet safe when dining out and traveling — two things we loved to do. I started the Gluten Free Travel Blog to help families like ours realize they could continue to enjoy dining out, traveling, and attending social events…without the worry.

Whether you’re looking for a new restaurant to try locally or ideas for places to travel (and where to eat while you’re there), I try to share great dining finds and travel opportunities with you in each of my Blog posts. To make it easy for you to access the most helpful resources within out Blog, we have a FEATURED PAGES list at the top of the sidebar on the right of the Home page. Probably most helpful is our Featured Restaurants page showcasing almost 100 chains that offer gluten free menus. Check it out…even if you don’t have some of them in your local area, it pays to keep them on your radar for when you travel.

You’ll also find a whole section of past posts of Gluten Free Getaways — ideas, resources, and itineraries for travel virtually anywhere in the world! There’s even a Cruise page with key “dietary needs” contact information for many of the major cruise lines. And don’t miss our Gluten Free Resources page with different “chapters” that are especially helpful if you’re new to a gluten free diet — or if you need to educate family or friends about Celiac. And if you have a child or grandchild with Celiac, you’ll want to check out the Gluten Free Camps page. Finally, you’ll find a link to a range of dining and travel Articles I’ve written for Simply Gluten Free magazine over the past 7 years…and even a Recipes section where I occasionally share some of our family’s favorites! As always, we try to give you the resources you need to take a true "vacation from worry.”

Happy Gluten-Free Dining and Traveling!

Karen Broussard
Founder and Publisher, Gluten Free Travel Blog