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Gluten-Free Meals...Ready to Cook

OK...we can all admit it...there are some nights when you just don't have the time or desire to tackle the perennial question of "What's For Dinner?" But picking up take-out or microwaving a frozen dinner isn't always an option when you're eating gluten-free (or should we say...the options are pretty limited). That's where a great service I've recently discovered -- comes in. GF Meals by Your Dinner Secret offers a large range of options of ready-to-cook meals and will ship anywhere within the U.S.

After recently trying -- Your Dinner Secret's GF Meals -- I was pretty excited. They really are the next-best-thing to a homemade gluten-free meal, and I feel like our family finally has some of the convenience so many families eating "regular" food have at their disposal. Don't get me wrong...they aren't as easy as "pop it in the microwave," and you still need more than a few minutes to cook the food. But at least you've eliminated the planning, shopping, and prep work involved.

I ordered their Deluxe Package, so our family could sample many of their entrees, as well as some side dishes and desserts. I also added on an order of chicken nuggets. My total order was about $200, which included a pretty hefty shipping charge (due to the foods being frozen), but we probably have gotten about 9 meals out of that for our family (2 adults, 2 young children). So all in all, I felt it was a pretty fair value, given the quality of the food and the convenience. We haven't tried everything yet, but what we have made, we've enjoyed (and we have a couple finicky eaters in our family!) The entrees are inventive (Autumn Chicken was a favorite), healthy, and easy-to-prepare. Keep in mind, though, the food still has to be thawed and fully cooked (usually this just involves pouring the item into a baking dish and baking for about 30-40 minutes), so some advance thought and time is required. In other words, you can't get home from work, take the food out of the freezer and have a meal ready in 10 minutes -- sorry!

What I really like about this service is that they also give people following gluten-free diets an option when traveling. If you're worried about the gluten-free options available to you when visiting friends or staying at a hotel or resort, this is something you could have shipped in advance of your stay. Then you won't be as preoccupied scouting out gluten-free food at grocery stores or restaurants. GF Meals ships nationwide to your door and offer individual menu choices, as well as specially priced packages that allow you to sample a variety of foods, so give them a try!