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My intention in starting this Blog last Fall wasn't to focus on chains offering gluten-free pizza, but it's funny to look back at all the entries covering this topic! I guess that's a good thing, since GOOD PIZZA is one of the things most Celiacs miss. As some of you may know by now, Uno Chicago Grill just rolled out gluten-free pizza to all their locations nationwide, after testing in their Northeast locations. Apparently, they sped up the nationwide rollout after the tremendous response from customers in the Northeast. One reviewer on had great things to report in her review of the g-f pizza at a Boston area Uno's. 

Then there's Z Pizza, founded in Laguna Beach in 1986 and now with locations throughout most of the East Coast, West Coast, and a smattering of other states in between. We're lucky enough to have had a Z Pizza open up in our neighborhood about two years ago, and I have to confess that this is probably my favorite pizza ever. (Keep in mind, I eat their regular's my son that has Celiac.) So you can imagine how thrilled our family was to hear that Z Pizza was planning to offer gluten-free crust. This, too, is a very recent development...just launched last month. All locations should have the crust, but check before going (or when ordering), since they were out of it just a few nights ago at the location near our house. But last night we ordered one (it only comes in the 10-inch size), and I was finally able to try it. Never one to disappoint, Z Pizza has nailed it again...the gluten-free crust was amazing...providing you like thin crust. 

After I had one piece, our five-year old son proceeded to devour the 5 other pieces with reckless abandon. I have never seen him eat so much or so enthusiastically! He has always enjoyed one of the frozen g-f pizzas we buy (the individual-sized pizza from By George), but he liked Z Pizza even better (no big surprise!). It was just so nice to be able to ALL enjoy pizza together, all at the same place. It is that emotional aspect of being able to follow a gluten-free while dining with your friends and family that I think is as important to many Celiacs as the taste of the food itself. To read more about what makes Z Pizza's regular and g-f pizza so special (and so much healthier than most pizzas), read my complete review at Kudos to Uno's and Z Pizza!