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New Starbucks Valencia Orange Cake is a Gluten-Free Hit!

Well, it's finally happened...Starbucks has introduced a gluten-free treat in its stores, and they've hit a home run! The Valencia Orange Cake -- really more like a muffin -- is super-moist, fresh-tasting, and has just the right amount or orange flavor (subtle, not too sweet or overly orange-y). It's individually "wrapped for gluten-free goodness" (i.e. pre-packaged in plastic to avoid cross-contamination by the other gluten-filled items in their bakery case). All ingredients are listed on the packaging, eggs and valencia orange pulp being the first two, followed by almonds (slivered on top), sugar, orange peel, gluten-free baking powder, and rice flour. After buying one for my son two days ago and taking a bite, I suggested to the baristas that they should talk it up to all their customers -- not just those eating gluten-free. It's seriously that good...better than most other baked goods they sell. Hear how the cakes are made from Chris Charles, lead product developer of the Valencia Orange Cake on Starbuck's site.