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Uno's Gluten Free Pizza

We finally had a chance to try Uno's new gluten-free pizza last night, which they rolled out nationwide ahead of schedule few months ago after a successful test period in the Northeast region. I'm happy to report that the pizza is great tasting -- and perfect for one very hungry person -- or two with lighter appetites to share. It's a thin crust, but not as thin as their regular flatbread pizza. We ordered the regular cheese, but it's also available in pepperoni and veggie. There was a generous portion of cheese, and the crust was very good (reminded me of one of the make-your-own g-f pizza crusts we've made at home). I would have preferred if the crust had been crisper. It was hard to tell if it's always like that or if maybe it was just pulled out of the oven a minute or two early. Our server didn't really know...and frankly, our son seemed pleased and ate most of the pizza, parting only with a small slice for mom and dad to taste! I would definitely recommend trying it, and any leftovers would probably be good warmed in a toaster oven at home. You can see their complete gluten-free menu on their site (just click on gluten-free info in the right hand column). Find other restaurants that have gluten-free menus, along with links to those menus on GlutenFreeTravelSite's new Gluten Free Restaurant Menus page.