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Let a Travel Agent Help You With Your Gluten Free Travel Planning

In this age of do-it-yourself online travel booking, many people have forgotten about the benefits of using a travel agent. With their immense resources, level of personal service, and wealth of knowledge, they can help with some of the research and legwork involved in planning the ideal gluten-free trip. Keep in mind, it doesn't cost any more to use a travel agent than booking direct with a travel provider, and nine times out of ten, they can save you money by accessing deals you may not be aware of. I've personally used a travel agent that a family member referred me to almost five years ago, and I'd recommend her as a valuable resource if you want to save yourself some time (and money) planning an upcoming trip. Her name is Doreen Costa, and she's with Travel Leaders' Boston office (not to worry if you're not a Bostonian...neither am I. All my contact with her has been via phone or email over the years.) Their number is 800-487-6110. Best of all, Doreen's specialties include Caribbean travel, cruises, and Disney vacations, which we all know are popular and safe options if you're traveling gluten-free. Doreen has a working knowledge of gluten-free... Read more →