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Gluten Free Dining at America's Ballparks

It looks as though America's favorite past-time can now be fully enjoyed by gluten-free spectators! Ballparks such as Coors Field in Denver, Nationals Park in Washington, DC, and Camden Yards in Baltimore now have some gluten-free options. Kudos to Coors Field and food vendor Aramark for having an entire gluten-free concession (believed to be the first in a major league ballpark). It's located behind section 147 and sells burgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, chips, cookies, brownies, and yes...gluten-free Redbridge BEER! I also spoke with Dwayne Herndon, Founder of Noah's Pretzels, which has gluten-free pretzels and gluten-free Redbridge beer available at its stand on the main concourse (first base side) at Camden Yards in Baltimore (home of the Orioles) and in sections 106 and 318 at Nationals Park in Washington, DC (home of the Nationals). In addition, Noah's Pretzel's has a year-round presence in Washington, DC's Verizon Center, offering its gluten-free pretzels and gluten-free Redbridge beer in the home of the Washington Wizards and Washtington Captials...and the site of numerous other sporting events and concerts. Mr. Herndon said the gluten-free pretzels, which are also casein-free, sell very well and they've largely caught on via word-of-mouth. The pretzels are individually packaged, so... Read more →

Starbucks Discontinues Valencia Orange Cake

It's only been two months since Starbucks introduced their delicious gluten-free Valencia Orange Cake (scroll down to read my blog entry below). Now, with no explanation, they've discontinued it. If you feel strongly -- like I do -- that Starbucks should bring it back (or at least offer another gluten-free pastry), please sign the online petition Triumph Dining has developed. Once they get 5,000 online signatures, Triumph Dining will be sending it to Starbucks. I read recently that up to 14% of the U.S. population is trying to follow a gluten-free diet (due to Celiac, gluten-intolerance, or other health reasons). You'd think Starbucks would recognize the importance -- and potential profitability -- of catering to this segment of the population. Read more →

Gluten Free Tepanyaki-Style Japanese Food

I was reminded tonight just how easy it is to have a delicious and fun experience dining gluten-free at a Japanese Tepanyaki-Style restaurant. This is where the specially trained chefs cook your food on a griddle, called a hibachi, in the middle of your table. Because the food is simple (meat, seafood, rice, and vegetables), it lends itself well to the gluten-free diet. The only request you typically have to make is for them to cook the food without soy sauce. This is not a huge sacrifice, as the food is still extremely tasty cooked with just a bit of oil, butter, salt and pepper. Everything is so fresh, and it's fun to watch the chefs do tricks with their utensils while they prepare your meal (our kids especially get a kick out of this). Another option is to check with the restaurant to see if they have gluten-free soy sauce (or bring your own). So whether you seek out a tepanyaki/hibachi style Japanese restaurant in your area or while traveling, it can be a unique and fun naturally gluten-free experience. For my full review of Kochi, the restaurant where we dined, visit's Virginia reviews. Read more →

Gluten Free Ocean City, Bethany, and Rehoboth

Each year, our family takes a one-week beach vacation to Ocean City, Maryland. And each year, we are a little disappointed that more restaurants aren't aware of Celiac Disease and gluten-free food preparation. It's not too surprising, given the seasonal nature of the resort...and the seasonal help that often staffs the kitchens and dining rooms. So we typically cook in most meals -- or get food from some of our favorite places as take-out so we can also fix something at home for our kids (one with Celiac and one who's a bit of a picky eater anyway!). But this year we were determined to find at least one new restaurant that could prepare a safe, gluten-free meal (and not just a basic grilled chicken breast, hamburger patty, or steak -- almost anyone can do that). Our quest took us to two restaurants -- one a national chain (Carrabbas) and one an independent local steakhouse (Steakhouse 26). Both meals were outstanding. Of course, most people with Celiac know about Carrabba's gluten-free menu. We've been there several times in the past, but not very recently and not to the Ocean City location. It is in West Ocean City, on Route 50... Read more →