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Gluten Free Tepanyaki-Style Japanese Food

I was reminded tonight just how easy it is to have a delicious and fun experience dining gluten-free at a Japanese Tepanyaki-Style restaurant. This is where the specially trained chefs cook your food on a griddle, called a hibachi, in the middle of your table. Because the food is simple (meat, seafood, rice, and vegetables), it lends itself well to the gluten-free diet. The only request you typically have to make is for them to cook the food without soy sauce. This is not a huge sacrifice, as the food is still extremely tasty cooked with just a bit of oil, butter, salt and pepper. Everything is so fresh, and it's fun to watch the chefs do tricks with their utensils while they prepare your meal (our kids especially get a kick out of this). Another option is to check with the restaurant to see if they have gluten-free soy sauce (or bring your own). So whether you seek out a tepanyaki/hibachi style Japanese restaurant in your area or while traveling, it can be a unique and fun naturally gluten-free experience. For my full review of Kochi, the restaurant where we dined, visit's Virginia reviews