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August 2009

Detailed Review of the Best Gluten-Free Dining Options at Disney World

Most of us in the gluten-free community know how well Disney treats its guests with special dietary concerns. And God knows...there's a ton of information online about dining gluten-free, the Disney way. But if you'd like to read a detailed review submitted to our sister site,, by a mom who's taken her gluten-free daughter to Disney World at least several times a year for many years now, you'll find it showcased as August's Featured Review on our site. This is a family who literally almost moved to the Orlando area, in large part due to the ease of maintaining a gluten-free diet there. After all, it's not just the parks and resorts of Disney World that accommodate gluten-free diners so well...the gluten-free dining "magic" does, indeed, extend beyond the Disney parks and into the surrounding area. Many national chain restaurants with gluten-free menus have a presence there -- so you get a choice of literally whatever cuisine you're in the mood for. This mom's review is based on her family's many experiences in and around Disney. Their travels have taken them to most restaurants in each of the four major Disney Theme Parks: Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, and... Read more →