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If you're lucky enough to live in Northern California -- or if you're considering a trip there -- don't miss's Featured Review of dining gluten-free in Mendocino. Amy, a visitor to the site, recently submitted three reviews from this gorgeous area of the California of a restaurant, one of an inn, and one of a local market selling all sorts of gluten-free goodies. We've combined them into October's Featured Review

Coincidentally, my husband and I actually spent a Thanksgiving weekend at The Little River Inn that Amy reviewed. However, it was years ago when we lived in San Francisco and when our older son was just a baby -- and our younger son (the one with Celiac) wasn't born yet. So we didn't have any special dietary needs to work around. Regardless, staying at the Little River Inn was certainly a nice experience...great location, beautiful views, wonderful food, and lots to do in the area. We stayed in the original Victorian house built in 1853. There are also newer buildings on the property, many with jacuzzis, decks, and other luxury amenities. 

Read the specifics of Amy's review of the Little River Inn, Ledford House Restaurant, and Harvest Market, and please post some of your own reviews on -- of anyplace where you've had a good gluten-free dining or travel experience.