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Sambuca Restaurant in New York City Is Indeed a Great Bet for Gluten-Free Dining

At GlutenFreeTravelSite, we've received several reviews of Sambuca Restaurant on the West Side of New York City, so I thought it was only fitting we give it a try while in town for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade this year. As those of you who live in or travel to New York City know, there's a large and growing number of independent neighborhood restaurants (as well as large chains) that offer gluten-free menu options. (You can Search our Reviews of New York establishments or our list of national and regional chains with gluten-free menus at GlutenFreeTravelSite.) When I called to make a reservation at Sambuca, which was fortunately open on Thanksgiving, they confirmed that they did indeed have an extensive gluten-free menu and asked me if we'd be ordering a traditional Thanksgiving meal, which they'd be serving that day, or if we'd like to order from the Italian (regular or gluten-free) menus. Our family decided that we'd might as well try their Italian fare...after all, turkey is turkey, but only really good restaurants can pull off gluten-free Italian! So we decided to have our traditional Thanksgiving meal the next day at home. Our reservation at Sambuca was at 2 pm,... Read more →

Traveling? Try New Gluten-Free Restaurants En Route...

Traveling over the Holidays this year? If so, it's a great excuse to try a new restaurant outside your area. That's what our family did today. We were driving through Pennsylvania, and when it came time for lunch, I pulled out my iPhone and Searched Reviews of area restaurants on Then I checked the Gluten Free Restaurant Menus page to view the chain restaurants in the area with gluten-free menus. I was reminded of the Charlie Brown's Steakhouse chain, which we'd never tried. There happened to be one just minutes from where we we'd be passing through at lunchtime. Let's just say it was nice to know we would be taking the kids to someplace other than the old standby...McD's! Charlie Brown's offered a lunch menu with burgers, sandwiches, salads, and other heartier entrees. I ordered tilapia from the gluten-free menu, and our boys split the filet mignon. The mashed potatoes were gluten-free, although the fries were not. There's a nice range of gluten-free options...ribs, fish, chicken, and lots of steaks (what they're known for). So don't forget to utilize all the resources on GlutenFreeTravelSite this Holiday season...whether you're traveling or just looking for something new in your area.... Read more →

Dining Gluten-Free at Disney World's Theme Parks

Our family just got back from four nights/four days at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. It was the second time taking our boys there -- the first was 3 1/2 years ago. It was a whirlwind trip, and yes, it was once again "majukl," as our son Ryan (the one with Celiac) wrote in a first-grade writing assignment the day he got back! I have to confess...I had never been fanatical about "the mouse," as so many people are. I went to Disney once or twice as a child -- and then a few more times as a teenager and young adult. While I always had a great time, there were other places I'd choose to travel instead, if given a choice. That all changed a bit after Ryan's diagnosis with Celiac 4 1/2 years ago. Suddenly, planning trips revolved around places that could understand and accommodate a gluten-free diet. Enter Disney. We'd heard a bit about how well they worked with all sorts of special diets, so when our boys were 3 and 5, we decided they were old enough (just barely!) to appreciate a trip to Disney World. Getting detailed information through their Special Dining Department was a... Read more →