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Bertucci's Offers Extensive Gluten-Free Menu

Last week our family dined at Bertucci's for the first time in YEARS. Previously one of our favorite Italian "chain" restaurants, it's been "off limits" to us since our son's diagnosis with Celiac almost 5 years ago. We were so excited to learn of their new gluten-free menu, which they just recently launched. While they don't have gluten-free pizza -- or even gluten-free pasta -- the range of delicious meals on their gluten-free menu was more than adequate. In fact, I've always thought their traditional "entrees" rank right up there in terms of quality and taste with their pizza and pasta. On their gluten-free menu, they offer various appetizers, a soup, salads, wonderful side dishes, entrees to please any palette (plenty of beef, chicken, fish, and vegetarian choices), and even dessert options. The Steak and Chicken Combo, which our son ordered, was delicious. The steak had a great flavor, and the chicken wasn't "plain;" it was prepared with a light lemony sauce and served with wonderful gluten-free mashed potatoes and fresh asparagus.  

This is one of the better gluten-free menus from a restaurant chain, in my opinion. Now, if they could only expand it to include gluten-free pizza and pasta, they'll have hit a home-run!