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Florida Named Best for Gluten-Free Dining and Travel by GlutenFreeTravelSite.com

The results are in...at GlutenFreeTravelSite.com we have chosen the winner of our second annual contest to find the "World's Most Celiac-Friendly Destination." 

Last year it was New York, and this year it's FLORIDA...the geographic location with the most restaurant, grocery store, and hotel reviews submitted to our site over the past year. (Read the Florida reviews.) 

Congratulations, Florida...and to those of you lucky enough to live or travel there frequently! The results are due in large part to the number of reviews we've received for restaurants in and around Disney World. Not only are all the parks and Disney-operated hotels and resorts very Celiac-friendly, but you'll find many of the restaurant chains that offer gluten-free menus located in the Orlando area as well. 

If YOU have a favorite gluten-free destination, please share your opinion with us by submitting some reviews of YOUR favorite places today! It can be restaurants or grocery stores in your hometown -- or a hotel or resort where you've stayed while traveling. We'll be tallying this upcoming year's submissions and announcing another winner at the end of 2010! 

But regardless of the destination chosen each year as our winner, YOU have a chance EVERY MONTH to be a winner...

Each month, we select one particularly helpful review to showcase on our Featured Review page. The winner receives a FREE set of four Triumph Dining Restaurant Dining Cards (for American, Italian, Chinese, and Mexican cuisines).