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Bertucci's Offers Extensive Gluten-Free Menu

Last week our family dined at Bertucci's for the first time in YEARS. Previously one of our favorite Italian "chain" restaurants, it's been "off limits" to us since our son's diagnosis with Celiac almost 5 years ago. We were so excited to learn of their new gluten-free menu, which they just recently launched. While they don't have gluten-free pizza -- or even gluten-free pasta -- the range of delicious meals on their gluten-free menu was more than adequate. In fact, I've always thought their traditional "entrees" rank right up there in terms of quality and taste with their pizza and pasta. On their gluten-free menu, they offer various appetizers, a soup, salads, wonderful side dishes, entrees to please any palette (plenty of beef, chicken, fish, and vegetarian choices), and even dessert options. The Steak and Chicken Combo, which our son ordered, was delicious. The steak had a great flavor, and the chicken wasn't "plain;" it was prepared with a light lemony sauce and served with wonderful gluten-free mashed potatoes and fresh asparagus. This is one of the better gluten-free menus from a restaurant chain, in my opinion. Now, if they could only expand it to include gluten-free pizza and pasta,... Read more →

Burger King Unveils Gluten-Free List

Earlier this month, Burger King put out a Press Release and unveiled a Gluten-Sensitive List for guests with "gluten sensitivity." Along with the burger patties, fries, salad, tacos, shakes, and soft-serve ice-cream, they also have their Tendergrill Chicken Breast Filet on the list (no bun of course). There are plenty of breakfast choices as well. I'd still like to call on Burger King and other fast-food chains to look into stocking gluten-free hamburger buns so people on gluten-free diets can eat a burger the old-fashioned way like everybody else. There's no need to "reinvent the wheel" and formulate their own gluten-free buns, either. There are many varieties of good gluten-free buns available (Kinnikinnick, for one), and it would simply entail having them on hand (even in the freezer) to quickly defrost when a gluten-free guest requests their burger with a gluten-free bun. Read more →

Does Gluten-Free Have to Mean Glutton-Free?

When I first launched 21 months ago, I had a friend say to me, "Karen, my wife and I sort of like glutton when we travel." He seemed perplexed that I'd be advocating restraint with food and drink when traveling. After trying to subdue my laughter, I explained to him that "gluten" was something different than "glutton." (Keep in mind, this was almost two years ago when the terms "gluten" and "gluten-free" weren't quite the household terms they are in most places today!) But my husband and I still roll with laughter every time we remember that comment! So I thought I'd address the issue, because it does bring up an interesting question...Does gluten-free have to mean glutton-free? Being someone who adores food (and the occasional glass or two of wine!), I'm happy to say NO! People on gluten-free diets can (and do!) indulge on decadent food. Of course, the true definition of "glutton" is someone who eats excessively or voraciously. In today's food-obsessed society where huge portions are the norm, it's probably safe to say most of us are gluttons at least several times a week. I'm not necessarily advocating eating excessively, but what does make me happy... Read more →

Monthly Giveaway of Triumph Dining Gluten-Free Restaurant Cards

I thought it wise to remind our followers that we continue to have a monthly contest where we give away four free Triumph Dining gluten-free Restaurant Cards (one each for American, Italian, Chinese, and Mexican cuisines). For those of you who aren't familiar with these handy cards, they are laminated cards that fit into your wallet and can be shared with a manager, chef, or server to explain your gluten-free needs. They are even bilingual (in English and the native language, depending on the type of cuisine) so you never have to worry about language barriers preventing you from being understood. Our family takes them whenever we dine out. All you need to do to qualify for the giveaway is to Submit a gluten-free dining or travel Review to It can be a review of a restaurant, a bakery, a grocery store, a hotel or resort, or a cruise ship -- either in the U.S. or anywhere in the world. At the end of each month, we select a particularly helpful review and showcase it on our Featured Review page for the next month. The winning reviewer receives the four Triumph Dining Restaurant cards. For this month (January), we're... Read more →

Florida Named Best for Gluten-Free Dining and Travel by

The results are we have chosen the winner of our second annual contest to find the "World's Most Celiac-Friendly Destination." Last year it was New York, and this year it's FLORIDA...the geographic location with the most restaurant, grocery store, and hotel reviews submitted to our site over the past year. (Read the Florida reviews.) Congratulations, Florida...and to those of you lucky enough to live or travel there frequently! The results are due in large part to the number of reviews we've received for restaurants in and around Disney World. Not only are all the parks and Disney-operated hotels and resorts very Celiac-friendly, but you'll find many of the restaurant chains that offer gluten-free menus located in the Orlando area as well. If YOU have a favorite gluten-free destination, please share your opinion with us by submitting some reviews of YOUR favorite places today! It can be restaurants or grocery stores in your hometown -- or a hotel or resort where you've stayed while traveling. We'll be tallying this upcoming year's submissions and announcing another winner at the end of 2010! But regardless of the destination chosen each year as our winner, YOU have a chance EVERY MONTH to... Read more →