Gluten Free Faces social networking site now offers GlutenFreeTravelSite's search/mapping of gluten-free dining and travel reviews

GlutenFreeTravelSite has recently agreed to let social networking site Gluten Free Faces use its enhanced search and mapping feature on the Gluten Free Faces site. As you know, GlutenFreeTravelSite allows people on gluten-free diets to search and submit dining and travel reviews of restaurants, hotels/resorts, cruises, and grocery stores anywhere around the world that accommodate gluten-free diets. GlutenFreeTravelSite now has 900 establishments reviewed, and many are independent (non-chain) restaurants you may not have heard about. Users can search reviews by location and now even have the ability to narrow their search to the city/town or zip code level -- and map the results. 

Gluten Free Faces is a social networking site that allows people on gluten-free diets to share information and network with each other. They now have a tab on their Home page called "Gluten Free Maps" that allows users to directly access the GlutenFreeTravelSite search and mapping function -- and then click on any of the markers on the map to link to the user-submitted gluten-free review of that establishment. 

We hope you'll continue to visit GlutenFreeTravelSite to use this wonderful tool to find appropriate restaurants -- whether you're looking for a new place to dine in your area or when traveling. If you're not already a member, you may want to consider joining Gluten Free Faces as well. They have multiple Groups you can join, too, most of which are based on particular interests or geographic area (i.e. a California group).