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Target Stocks a Surprisingly Large Selection of Gluten-Free Foods

We visited a Target in our area yesterday that recently expanded their grocery section. In addition to marveling about their wonderful selection of national brands, Archer Farms private label items, and even gourmet items, we were thrilled to see an end-cap display of GLUTEN FREE ITEMS. Yes, they are worthy of an end-cap (see below)!!P4180198
There were gluten-free flours, cake mixes, pasta, crackers, cereals, cookies, breakfast bars, mac-n-cheese, snack foods, and more! And there were more gluten-free items mixed into the other aisles as well. You probably can't find all your favorite gluten-free grocery items there, but you can definitely "get by" with their selection of some of the better tasting products, like the kid-friendly gluten-free mac-n-cheese by Annie's, EnviroKidz cereals. Glutino pretzels, and cake mixes from Betty Crocker and Bob's Red Mill. My only complaint -- and this pretty much applies to ALL grocery stores -- is that, aside from this one end-cap display, the gluten-free items are scattered about, so you really have to scour each aisle looking for that "gluten-free needle in a haystack" hidden among glutenous items. It would be so much easier to dedicate an aisle or two to ALL the gluten-free items. The store we visited, for example, had gluten-free pasta on the end-cap and in the pasta aisle. You felt like you'd better go down each aisle for fear of missing a great gluten-free find. But thank you, Target, for giving me and my family ONE MORE REASON to shop your wonderful store!!