Burton's Grill -- with locations in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Virginia -- is the newest addition to our Gluten Free Restaurant Menus page

Burton's Grill is the latest addition to GlutenFreeTravelSite's Gluten Free Restaurant Menus page. This is one restaurant you'll really want to visit if you live in -- or are visiting -- Massachusetts, Connecticut, or Virginia. 

Our family had an opportunity to dine at Burton's recently, and we were really "wow'd" by the extensive gluten-free lunch AND dinner menus (I think they even have a brunch menu, although it's not posted on their site). Their burgers are served on gluten-free buns, their fresh gluten-free pasta is delicious, and you truly have a hard time deciding what to order, given all the wonderful choices...sandwiches, lots of mouth-watering salads, fresh seafood, beef, a to-die-for chicken and mushroom dish served over gluten-free pasta, risotto, jambalaya...need I go on? They even have gluten-free FRIED calamari (dusted in corn flour) and numerous gluten-free desserts, including a vanilla bean creme brulee and a warmed chocolate torte. 

Our family isn't the only one impressed by this restaurant...you'll find one detailed review and another quick review of the downtown Boston Burton's Grill location (near Fenway Park) on GlutenFreeTravelSite -- and a review of their Andover, Massachusetts location as well. There are also locations in Peabody and Hingham -- as well as one in South Windsor, CT, and Virginia Beach, VA. Let's hope this is a chain restaurant ready for expansion, because it's one of those places that really goes the extra mile to make Celiacs feel welcome. You never have to settle for plain and boring gluten-free meals at Burton's Grill...you'll be surprised and delighted with the quality and flavor of all their MANY gluten-free dishes. It's one of those places that leaves you asking, "Are you sure this is gluten free?" Check out the Burton's Grill page on our site for more details...