Wildfire Restaurant Has One of the Best Gluten-Free Menus

When deciding where to take my husband for Father's Day this year, I wanted to try someplace new...and of course, it had to have a gluten-free menu available for our younger son. We decided on Wildfire restaurant in the Tysons Galleria in McLean, Virginia. We went there for lunch -- after a hot Virginia morning hitting balls at the golf range (where else does any golf-loving Dad want to be on Father's Day?). The first good sign was that the place was PACKED...no waiting for a table (and we'd made reservations anyways) but still respectably full, which is not always the case in this economy. 

The folks at the hostess stand were very friendly, and when I reminded them about the "gluten-free" note on our reservation, they happily gave me a bit of an overview of their gluten-free menu, as well as what was gluten-free on the children's menu. When seated, we had another pleasant surprise...a piping hot tray of cornbread delivered to the table. OK, that wasn't gluten-free, but those of us who can eat gluten enjoyed it immensely. I had read (in a review on our sister site GlutenFreeTravelSite) that the restaurant typically serves gluten-free bread for gluten-free diners, but we were never offered any...although I didn't even think about it until after we'd left the restaurant. It was probably overlooked, because we ordered a gluten-free pizza as an "appetizer" for the table (we'd gotten a coupon for a free one). I'm sure this was ten times better than any gluten-free bread they had, because it was fantastic...not really your traditional cheese pizza, but even better. It had a very thin crust (delicious and a good consistency), just the right amount of melted buffalo mozzarella, and some very fresh and tasty fresh tomato sauce spooned on top of the cheese, along with sprinkles of fresh basil. 

Of course, our 7-year-old son took one look at it and turned up his nose at first. But with a bit of prodding (and after seeing my husband and me each inhale a peace and happily sigh!), he tried it. And guess what? He liked it. Not surprising. I love it when restaurants offer a slightly different take on a standard item like this...not only was it gluten-free, but it was a unique way of preparing and presenting the pizza. And our son was so satisfied after only a few more small slices of the pizza (it's really an "individual" size) that he couldn't even eat much of the other thing he ordered to "round out" his meal: the grilled chicken and portabello skewers (actually on the appetizer menu). But they were pretty good, too (just a bit overcooked). 

The rest of us thoroughly enjoyed our food too (some gluten-free, some not). My husband ordered the chicken and ribs combo (NOT gluten-free), our other son ordered a steak (gluten-free), and I ordered the seafood bisque soup and then the macadamia-crusted halibut, which were both awesome (although not gluten-free). However, the redskin mashed potatoes I chose as my side were gluten-free -- and honestly the best mashed potatoes I've ever had. The portions were all so large we even took some food home...but not before sharing a flourless chocolate lava cake. After all, who can resist that?! Notice I said Wildfire has a great gluten-free menu, not glutton-free menu!!

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