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Glory Days Grill Is The Latest Restaurant to Unveil a Gluten Free Menu

It always brings a smile to my face when I learn of another restaurant chain with multiple locations that has invested the time, resources, and energy to develop a gluten-free menu. My smile gets even wider when I see that it's more than just a bland list of "stripped down" offerings like grilled chicken and steak. Glory Days Grill, the newest addition to GlutenFreeTravelSite's Gluten Free Restaurant Menus page, is definitely a restaurant worth checking out if you live in Maryland, Virginia, or West Virginia and are following a gluten-free diet. 

Glory Days Grill is the quintessential sports bar, fun for all ages. But unlike many sports-themed American grill restaurants, you can enjoy many of their signature house-specialties because they are all GLUTEN FREE! Yes, that means you can order their chicken wings and BBQ ribs -- in addition to a wide array of other great options from their gluten-free menu like steaks, burgers, 10-spice chicken, seafood, and salads. They even have plenty of gluten-free sides and a gluten-free hot fudge sundae if you still have room for dessert! 

Glory Days Grill is notorious not only for their great food and fun atmosphere -- but for supporting their local schools, sports teams, and communities. The sports memorabilia on the walls features local as well as professional teams. So if you live near one of their many locations -- or find yourself passing near one on your summer travels -- be sure to stop in and try their new gluten-free menu. And then be sure to submit a review of your experience on GlutenFreeTravelSite!