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Check out Bloom Grocery Store's New Gluten-Free Section

Do you have a Bloom grocery store near you? If so, you're in luck...

Bloom is one of our neighborhood grocery stores. It used to be Food Lion, but was converted to Bloom a couple years ago like the other Food Lions around this area of Northern Virginia. They've always had a pretty decent selection of gluten-free foods, and they had them fairly well consolidated in their natural foods section near the produce area of the store. 

When I visited the store a couple weeks ago and went to this area to grab a few of our usual gluten-free staples, I had a momentary scare. The shelves in those few aisles that stocked natural/organic/gluten-free food seemed emptier than usual. I thought perhaps they were getting rid of this special section. But upon closer inspection, I realized ALL the food on those shelves was now gluten-free. They had removed the other "natural" and "organic" foods that weren't gluten-free and integrated them into other areas of the store. They seemed to have converted these aisles to an exclusively gluten-free area and had some new gluten-free brands/products on the shelves, although the area was still clearly in transition. The freezer cases nearby were also dedicated to gluten-free foods, with many new brands the store previously had not carried! 


I cannot tell you how thrilled I was, and my boys (including our younger one with Celiac) were with me, and we all got very excited. I was in a rush that day and so could not stop to talk with a manager about the wonderful changes, but when I went back last week, I did. Apparently they are slowly rolling out this gluten-free area in all their stores. I plan to request any of our favorite gluten-free products that they don't currently carry so they will start stocking them (i.e. Udi's line of breads and baked goods). Then perhaps I will be able to do almost all my shopping at Bloom, as opposed to running all over to various stores to "complete" our family's gluten-free shopping! Thank you Bloom!!!!

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