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Gluten Free Restaurants: Fantastic gluten-free menu at Bruschetta restaurant in Surrey, England

Our Featured Review on GlutenFreeTravelSite this month takes us to England, where our winning reviewer was truly "wowed" by the treat that awaited her at a local restaurant. Expecting to have the usual choices of grilled meat or fish as she often does when dining out, she "had one of the best surprises of her life" at Bruschetta restaurant in Surrey, England. Choices on their extensive gluten-free menu include homemade gluten-free pizzas, pasta, risotto, antipasti, and delectable desserts. Having grown up with an Italian mother who prided herself in creating traditional Italian dishes, our reviewer had had a hard time with her Celiac diagnosis years ago. This was the first time she was able to truly enjoy gluten-free pasta and other Italian favorites like her mom used to make. 

In addition to the incredible food, our winning reviewer raved about Julia, the owner, and her commitment to avoiding cross-contamination in preparing gluten-free meals. (She herself is gluten-intolerant.) Julia shows a real personal devotion to the gluten-free community, which, coupled with her amazing food and reasonable prices, attracts gluten-free diners from all over England. Read more details about Bruschetta and the recommended menu choices in our Featured Review.

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