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Gluuteny: A Wonderful Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Bakery in Pittsburgh

Our family traveled to Pittsburgh this past weekend. After seeing a brief review of Gluuteny gluten-free bakery on our sister website, GlutenFreeTravelSite, we decided we would have to make a stop there on our way in to town. So glad we did! It was mid-afternoon on a Saturday, and the woman working in the store at the time (Elizabeth) apologized for the lighter selection of baked goods, given the time of day. 

Gluuteny bundt cakes But we were still very pleased with the range of choices: brownies, iced sugar cookies, mini chocolate vanilla marbled bundt cakes, vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, huge Whoopie pies, gingerbread men, huge chocolate chip cookies, mini cinnamon swirl coffee cakes, pound cakes, pumpkin loaves, and lemon loaves. YUM!! What delicious-looking treats.

We seriously had to use discipline not to buy everything in the store. We finally settled on a few cupcakes, some muffins, the coffee cake, and a Whoopie pie. The great thing is that they sell the dry mixes for most of the items baked in the store, so we also bought a mix for the marbled bundt cake. (You can order these mixes, plus their cookies and croutons, to be shipped but not the other baked goods, which wouldn't be stable enough for shipping). 

Now I regret not buying more when we were there...but the problem was that we didn't have any place to freeze what we bought since we weren't going home until the next evening. Since they don't use preservatives in their baked goods (a good thing!), they might get a little dry after a day or two. But 
everything we had was AWESOME. I didn't get a taste of my kids' muffins or Whoopie Pie, but they seemed to enjoy them just fine! The coffee cake ranks among the best I've had, gluten-free or not, and the chocolate cake used for the cupcakes was delicious...perfect taste AND wouldn't even know it was gluten-free. The icing was a little sweet, but still very good.

Gluuteny cupcakes I was chatting with my kids and husband, comparing the icing to a buttercream icing I like to make from scratch, and then remembered that Gluuteny's products are not only gluten-free but dairy free as well (the owner's daughter was diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder in 2005). Well, after thinking about the lack of wheat AND dairy in these treats, I became even MORE impressed! Incredible what some very talented bakers can do without wheat or dairy these days! I cannot wait to make the marbled bundt cake, and I'm looking forward to ordering more of their dry mixes to have at home. 

AND I'm seriously looking forward to our next trip to Pittsburgh so we can stop at Gluuteny. Neither the owner of the store or  the manager was there the day we stopped in, so I'd just like to say, "Keep up the great work!" I highly recommend anyone in Pittsburgh (gluten-free or not!) and those visiting Pittsburgh make Gluuteny Bakery a regular stop for amazing gluten-free, dairy free treats! And if you're dying to try their goodies but aren't anywhere near Pittsburgh, you can order via their website or on For their local clientele, they also can make special occasion multi-tiered cakes and decorated cupcake or cookie platters.