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Gluten Free Pasta and Gluten Free Ice Cream Cone Review

As you all know, I don't typically review gluten-free products in this Blog...the focus is typically on gluten-free restaurant dining and travel. But recently I was sent some samples of gluten-free products from Goldbaum's, a company based in Brooklyn, NewYork. While I was very familiar with their gluten-free ice cream cones, I had never tried their gluten-free brown rice pasta

First...the ice cream cones...

Screen shot 2011-03-03 at 2.37.59 PM I have to say I've never tried any gluten-free brands other than Goldbaum's, nor can I even recall seeing any other gluten-free brands sold in stores. And that's just my opinion, nothing could come close anyways!  Goldbaum's cones are really quite delicious and literally undetectable from "regular" gluten cones. Our family especially loves their Cocoa cones, which are like traditional "sugar" cones but are a slightly darker color and have the wonderful taste of chocolate! They are our new "favorite" cones. Goldbaum's sent us their regular sugar cones, in addition to their larger "Jumbo Cones," which look like their version of waffle cones. Both are equally tasty, and oh how great that gluten-free kids can now feel just like other kids, with ice cream dripping out of a giant waffle cone! 

Goldbaum's also makes two varieties of the "cake"-style cone, one called Ice Cream Cups (they look like traditional cake cones) and one called Cake Cones that look like the traditional sugar cones. Confusing, I know...but the point is, there are many varieties. We first saw the cones in our local Giant food store in the suburbs outside of Washington, DC. Goldbaum's retail base has been steadily growing, and their products are now available in Whole Foods, Shop Rite, King's, Stop and Shop, and Price Chopper. All their cones are gluten-free, GMO-free, vegan, and Kosher.

Their gluten-free brown rice pasta is another interesting story...

We were sent the fettuccine and the spirals. It's nice that they sent us the samples, because I probably would not have purchased this product on my own. Nothing against Goldbaum's, but I'm not typically the biggest fan of the brown rice pastas I've tried, even when preparing them "al dente" so they don't end up mushy. Our gluten-free son -- and our whole family -- usually prefer some of the gluten-free pastas that are a combination of rice, corn, and other flours...or a quinoa pasta.

Screen shot 2011-03-03 at 2.37.49 PM But I have to say...we really enjoyed Goldbaum's brown rice pasta, and I can't put my finger on what was different about it. I think part of it was the seemed to "hold up" better than other brown rice pastas, to have a little more "heft," if you will. As always, I veered on the side of undercooking it, following the 7 minutes of the 7-10 minute instructions. (Always test it by taking a strand or two of the pasta from the pot and tasting it before draining. Each gluten-free pasta seems to require a different cooking time.) 

The great thing about Goldbaum's pastas are that they are not only gluten-free, but GMO-free and Kosher, too.  Another recent "sampler" of their pasta was so won over, they will soon be using Goldbaum's pastas at all their restaurants!  I'm talking about Picazzo's Organic Italian Kitchen, with locations throughout Arizona. They currently offer Ancient Harvest gluten-free quinoa pasta to their gluten-free guests and will also be adding Goldbaum's gluten-free brown rice pasta as a second option. I'm sure the addition of any of their tasty gluten-free sauces will make a delicious pasta entree indeed! 

It's interesting how people all have their favorite brands/types of gluten-free pasta. To each his own! What's YOUR favorite gluten-free pasta, and how do you cook it? Have you served it to guests without telling them it was gluten-free? Could they tell the difference? Please share your comments below!