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Gluten Free Meals on United Airlines...A Valiant Effort But a Few Lapses

We just returned from a week in Paris with our kids over Spring Break. I'll be posting a lot more over the next week or two regarding our challenges dining gluten-free IN Paris, but for now...let me first cover our first experience out of the (airport) gate. Shortly after taking off from Dulles International Airport on a red-eye bound for Paris, we were served dinner. I'd called to request a gluten-free meal for our son Ryan months before the trip -- and then called to confirm it in the week before we left. Sure enough, they delivered it right to our seats. Sigh of relief...not that we weren't prepared with bags and bags of snacks, just in case, but it was nice for him to have a "real" meal. And it looked pretty good, too -- a chicken breast with a light sauce and wild rice and broccoli. Pretty much all of Ryan's favorite things. He seemed to enjoy it enough, and if it was half as good as our "regular" chicken entrees, I'm impressed, because my own chicken entree (similar but not quite the same chicken...and served with pasta and green beans instead) was one of the better airline... Read more →

Biaggi's Gift Card Giveaway

For the next few months, we'll be giving away $25 gift cards for Biaggi's Ristorante Italiano, with 21 locations in 12 states, mostly in the west and midwest. They have a fantastic and extensive gluten-free menu, one that our family was personally able to experience while on a trip skiing out in Utah a couple years ago. These gift cards will be awarded to the winning reviewer whose review we choose to showcase on our Featured Review page. (Each month we choose one particularly helpful gluten-free dining or travel review from the prior month's submissions to showcase, so be sure to submit a review -- or two or three! -- to qualify for this contest.) Simply go to Submit Review and follow the prompts from there. Read more →

New Featured Review published for April on GlutenFreeTravelSite...Weber Grill restaurant, with a fantastic gluten-free menu and four locations: one in Indianapolis, Indiana and three in the Chicago area. Kid-friendly, too! Read more →