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Gluten Free Restaurants: P.F. Chang's restaurant makes a change to its Gluten Free menu

Our family is a big fan of P.F. Chang's. We were before our son was diagnosed with Celiac Disease 6 years ago, and we've become even bigger fans since his diagnosis. It's one of the few places our two sons, now ages 8 and 10, order something other than a burger or steak! It's the Philip's Better Lemon Chicken that had them jumping for joy every time we said we were going to P.F. Chang's for a meal. Well, imagine our surprise on Saturday when we went to our local P.F. Chang's in Fairfax, Virginia for lunch. Our hostess mentioned that the gluten-free menu (click Gluten Free Menu on index at top of page) was now located in a different spot on their three-paneled menu. Instead of being on the back, it's now on the inside right panel. So, I opened up the menu and immediately noticed that the menu looked smaller. But perhaps it was just the new formatting...let's see, they still have the lettuce wraps as an appetizer, a soup, lots of entrees -- including the many gluten-free beef entrees they added to the menu a little over a year ago -- and even two GF desserts. OK,... Read more →