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Screen Shot 2012-04-19 at 9.59.11 AMAs many of you know, Biaggi's is a favorite restaurant of mine. The only downside is that they don't have any locations in our immediate we just have to look forward to trips that take us near one of their many locations! Their Gluten Free Menu is among the best, with 2 pages of appetizer, salad, pasta, pizza, and entree options -- all gluten free! And this isn't a restaurant where you'll have to order anything "plain." Biaggi's offers at least eight savory sauces that are gluten-free! 

Each Spring and Fall, Biaggi's updates their menu, and each time, they try to work all new items into their Gltuen Free Menu as well. Yesterday they unveiled two new entree items for Spring: North Atlantic Cod (served over a bed of whipped cauliflower and sauteed spinach -- and drizzled with a lemon caper viniagrette) and Smoked Hanger Steak (10 oz cold-smoked and grilled, served with tomato chutney, herb-roasted fingerling potatoes, and seasonal vegetables).

Screen Shot 2012-04-19 at 10.34.15 AMOther unique items on Biaggi's menu that you won't find elsewhere include Chicken Piemontese (grilled chicken breast stuffed with imported Italian ham aand smoked provolone and Gouda cheeses -- topped with lemon-basil butter sauce and served with sauteed asparagus and roasted fingerling potatoes) and Potato-Parmesan Crusted Tilapia. My mouth is watering just thinking about the next time I might be able to visit one of their restaurants...

According to a spokesperson at Biaggi's, the popularity of their Gluten Free Menu continues to grow, and favorites include their gluten-free pastas (a choice of GF brown rice spaghetti or penne, always prepared perfectly) and gluten-free pizza, which many people choose to order as an appetizer -- so they can still partake in one of the wonderful entrees, too!

Screen Shot 2012-04-19 at 10.05.07 AMOur family can personally attest to the wonderful GF pizza -- and GF pasta dishes like Pasta Di Mare (served with large shrimp, scallops, and calamari sauteed in a spicy tomatoe vegetable sauce and topped with mussels and Little Neck clams). Be sure to check out Biaggi's locations to see if there's one near you -- or in a location where you have plans to travel. Our visit to the one in Salt Lake City years ago was a highlight of our ski trip to Park City! 

Biaggi's has locations in the following 12 states: Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, New York, North Carolina, and Mississippi. If you visit the Club Biaggi's page on their website, you can sign up to receive the latest news, recipes, and special offers from the restaurant.

To learn more about Biaggi's, you can read our former Blog post interview with Corporate Chef and Co-Founder Peter Schonman.