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Gluten Free Bakery in Columbus, Ohio is Raising Money for Expansion -- How YOU Can Help

Most of us think long and hard about the donations we make to worthy charitable causes, weighing various organizations against each other to determine who might benefit most from a donation. In leaner economic times like these, the decisions are even harder. Add that to the fact that many organizations are being forced to do more with less as donations don't come in quite as rapidly as they have during other, more prosperous, times. 

Screen Shot 2012-04-06 at 1.59.15 PMIf you like to make donations to causes you believe in, then what better cause than a gluten-free bakery looking to purchase equipment to meet the growing demand for their GF products? Part of this expansion includes being abe to offer online ordering. The bakery is eban bakery, and even if you don't live near their location in Columbus, Ohio, perhaps you, too, will be able to experience their wonderful gluten-free breads and baked treats -- if they raise the money needed. 

eban bakery makes their gluten-free breads and baked goods using all natural and organic ingredients, which is something I've always look for when buying food -- gluten-free or not. 

Their goal is to raise $25,000 by April 26, but any amount pledged -- even as little as $1 -- gets them closer to their goal. (Make a pledge of $15 or more, and they'll send you some free GF cookies from their bakery!) So if you have a few extra dollars to spare, consider contributing via Kickstarter, a highly-trusted website changing lives by embracing small business ventures. Owners Eric Michael Braddock and Adrienne Novak, both professional chefs with a combined 40 years' experience between them, would be eternally grateful for any contribution and are offering some nice rewards for each donation level that they will ship their contributors. Rewards include some of their GF cookies, breads, and baked treats -- so spread the word to all your friends!

You can view a video that clarifies their intentions on their Kickstarter page. Gluten Free Travel Blog and GlutenFreeTravelSite have no affiliaton with eban bakery -- we just wanted to help them spread the word. With small contributions from many of us in the GF community, I'm hoping they can reach their goal. And I look forward to being able to order their wonderful GF products online at some point in the future!