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Wow! Guess what appeared in our family's mailbox this past weekend (no, not email Inbox...actual black metal mailbox at curb)? 

A flyer advertising Wegmans new line of Gluten Free products -- with FREE COUPONS enclosed, no less! 

Screen Shot 2012-05-30 at 3.10.52 PMI haven't made it to the nearest Wegmans yet (seems there is now one about 25 minutes in every direction from us!), but from the looks of the flyer -- and their website -- private label "Wegmans" products include four gluten free pastas and four gluten free baking mixes (Sugar Cookie mix, Double Chocolate Brownie mix, Chocolate Cake mix, and Vanilla Cake mix). 

The FREE COUPONS they sent in the flyer were for a free pasta AND a free baking mix (any variety). 

It was also reassuring to read that, like many of their other private label products, there is a "G" icon (or, as they call it..."Wellness Key") right on the box, which means they have verified the ingredients do not contain gluten, and there is no risk of cross-contact with gluten. Whew! 

For gluten free recipes, new product info, and to sign up for their FREE Fresh News email for monthly gluten free updates, visit the gluten free area of Wegmans website. They even have a 31-page list of their Wegmans branded products from all over the store that are gluten free (but if you're like me, you'll just find it easier to look for that "G" in the yellow circle on their packaging -- super helpful!). I am also able to find a lot of other specialty gluten free brands at Wegmans that are hard to find elsewhere (like Schar pastas, many great frozen GF foods, and some specialty gluten free cakes -- also available in the specialty frozen section).

Are YOU a Wegmans shopper? What are your favorite gluten free discoveries? Leave a comment below...