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It seems one of our family's hobbies lately is tasting -- and rating -- all the new Gluten Free Snack Bars that have hit the market in the past few years. It's a tough job, but we enjoy doing it! Although we try not to "overdo it" with snack bars, they do come in handy when in a rush, on-the-go, or as a "back up" snack or meal replacement when traveling. Our latest culinary trial involved the NuGo line of snack bars. One caution: Many, but not all, are gluten free, so read labels carefully! Here's the complete list of the Gluten Free NuGo varieties. What I like is that all their bars are all-natural, and use real dark chocolate -- not fake, trans-fat laden "chocolatey coatings" like some other bars. The NuGo Dark line, loaded with 10 grams of protein, has several gluten free offerings, and they're dairy free and vegan as well. Our absolute favorite -- hands down -- was the Chocolate Pretzel. At first bite, it was a surprise...I was not expecting the saltiness. But the addition of sea salt to the pretzel and chocolate combination is pure heaven. We cannot keep these bars in our house...they... Read more →

This month, guest blogger Julie Bourne, a rising Junior at the University of Denver and Campus Celiac blogger, shares her advice on the important -- and sometimes overwhelming -- college search process. She advises prospective college students with Celiac or gluten sensitivity on the steps to go through as they begin to consider their top college choices. There is the saying that one must look for the right “fit” when choosing a college. However, selecting a college is not as simple as, say, finding shoes that fit. And for a prospective student with Celiac Disease or gluten sensitivity, this process can prove to be even more daunting. In spite of this, there are several straightforward actions that a gluten free prospective student can take to ensure that they will find the dream college that will give them the happy and healthy experience that they deserve. I would recommend that a gluten free prospective student to start their search without extensively considering their dietary needs. Gather a list of schools that fit your educational and social preferences so that you have a foundation for further research and decision-making. After narrowing your search down to a list of schools, start researching the... Read more →

GlutenFreeTravelSite and the Celiac Sprue Association (CSA) will be working together to further spread the word within the fast-growing gluten free community about the many restaurants and other businesses that safely accommodate patrons on gluten free diets. CSA local chapters and their members will be using the GlutenFreeTravelSite review platform to submit detailed feedback on "gluten free friendly" restaurants, bakeries, markets, hotels, resorts, B&Bs, and cruise lines they visit. By consolidating their dining and travel feedback on GlutenFreeTravelSite, members of CSA's local chapters will be able to share their personal stories with the wider gluten free audience who searches our site for guidance when looking for safe places to eat in their neighborhood -- or in a location where they're traveling. We are excited and honored to be partnering with CSA in this manner -- and look forward to continuing to give the GF community a place to share their personal feedback on the best places to dine. For more details about this important initiative, please see today's Press Release. We encourage you to share details of your own gluten free dining experiences with others by submitting reviews to our site! Read more →