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Amie Valpone shares a deliciously healthy gluten free recipe

If you haven't heard of Amie Valpone and you're gluten free, you'll want to get to know her. She's a personal chef, culinary marketing consultant, professional recipe developer, food writer, and blogger at The Healthy Apple. And because she herself is gluten free, developing gluten free recipes that pack a healthy punch is her specialty. Amie has a way of taking ingredients you may not have tried (but you know are good for you!) and turning them into amazingly delicious (and quite simple) creations. She and I are both involved in the new Simply Gluten Free magazine, whose first issue -- dedicated to cooking gluten free for the Holidays -- just hit homes and newsstands last week. 

Rainbow-Swiss-Chard-Lemon-Stir-Fry21I recently asked Amie to share a favorite gluten free recipe with me -- one that was easy, healthy, and kid-friendly.
Her Rainbow Swiss Chard and Lemon Stir Fry's colorful hue appeals to kids and adults alike, and it's a great way to sneak some Swiss Chard, that's LOADED with vitamins and minerals, into your diet. Combined with the lemon juice and lemon zest -- and a few scallions and pine nuts - this dish is the perfect one-dish meal! I loved fits right in with my new mission to eat more kale, Swiss Chard, and other healthy greens I'd typically shied away from (mostly because I didn't know how to properly cook them and prepare them in a tasty way). 

So check out Amie's Blog and print out the recipe for yourself (scroll way down to the bottom of her post where she shows beautiful photos of the Rainbow Swiss Chard and Lemon Stir Fry in her new pans!). And if you're lucky enought to live in her city of Manhattan, you just may want to enlist the personal chef services of Amie on a regular basis. I wish she lived close to me. It's no small order to plan and prepare healthy and gluten free meals each and every day...especially that all my family members can agree on. Even with so many great gluten free cookbooks and recipes at my disposal, I'd love to to have a professional recipe developer create new and interesting gluten free meals for our family each week. 

Have any other favorite gluten free recipes -- or ways of incorporating healthy greens like kale and Swiss chard into your meals? Please do share your ideas by clicking on the Comments button below! 

Photo courtesy of Amie Valpone at The Healthy Apple.