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If you haven't heard of Amie Valpone and you're gluten free, you'll want to get to know her. She's a personal chef, culinary marketing consultant, professional recipe developer, food writer, and blogger at The Healthy Apple. And because she herself is gluten free, developing gluten free recipes that pack a healthy punch is her specialty. Amie has a way of taking ingredients you may not have tried (but you know are good for you!) and turning them into amazingly delicious (and quite simple) creations. She and I are both involved in the new Simply Gluten Free magazine, whose first issue -- dedicated to cooking gluten free for the Holidays -- just hit homes and newsstands last week. I recently asked Amie to share a favorite gluten free recipe with me -- one that was easy, healthy, and kid-friendly. Her Rainbow Swiss Chard and Lemon Stir Fry's colorful hue appeals to kids and adults alike, and it's a great way to sneak some Swiss Chard, that's LOADED with vitamins and minerals, into your diet. Combined with the lemon juice and lemon zest -- and a few scallions and pine nuts - this dish is the perfect one-dish meal! I loved Read more →

I wanted to make sure you didn't miss the article that ran a couple days ago on The Daily Meal's website, where they showcase the gluten free entrees and other items my family considers among its favorites when dining out. These "top picks" are from 12 national or regional restaurant chains that offer Gluten Free Menus. Chances are, you have at least several of these chains near where you live -- or if not, it's worth seeking them out when you travel. I'd love to hear about YOUR favorite restaurants -- chain OR independent. Feel free to share a comment below by clicking on the "Comment" button -- or submit a review to our website, GlutenFreeTravelSite, so other Celiac or gluten sensitive folks searching our site for "GF-friendly restaurants" can learn about YOUR top picks! Read more →

Julie Bourne, a gluten free Blogger and college student studying in Rome this semester, joins us once again for her regular monthly column to share her thoughts on shopping for gluten free food in Rome -- and fixing healthy, easy, and affordable gluten free meals. Italy, being the mecca of all that is good in the eye of a foodie, encourages visitors to partake in the authentic Italian cuisine offered up at the abundant selection of restaurants. During my first few weeks in Rome, I took part in this vacationer ritual, going out to several Rick-Steves-approved restaurants to fill my tummy with classic Italian food (and I'll be sharing these -- and some of my other favorite dining spots -- in my post next month). However, this “honeymoon” phase of my time in Italy has come and gone as I am settling into life here as a temporary local. Whether I am navigating the Italian grocery store shelves, cooking a meal in my small and communal kitchen space, or preparing for a weekend excursion, I am discovering something new about eating gluten free in Italy every day. When it comes to grocery shopping, I’ve been doing it the Italian way.... Read more →

I recently attended the Celiac Sprue Association's annual conference, held this year at the Hyatt Regency Hauppauge on Long Island, New York. In addition to the fantastic group of doctors from the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University (and other great presenters like Mrs. Alaska, Brandy Wendler, RN, MSN) who spoke, there was an Exhibit Hall featuring gluten free food vendors and other businesses serving the Celiac community. I was particularly glad to meet Jesse Scherer, owner of Camp Eagle Hill in Elizaville, New York (2 hours north of New York CIty in the beautiful Hudson Valley between Poughkeepsie and Albany). Last summer, shortly after one of his 7-year old twins was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, he added a gluten free kitchen and dedicated chef to Camp Eagle Hill in order to accommodate other kids wanting a traditional summer camp experience. Jesse's parents first started the camp back in 1963, so this is not only his business, but an integral part of his life. When his daughter was diagnosed, one of his first thoughts was how she would be able to safely attend his own camp. Last year was a way for Jesse and his sister, who runs the kitchen... Read more →

Looking for a FUN, yet reasonably priced, Holiday gift for a gluten free friend or family member? Looking to show off your Celiac and gluten free pride in a way that helps build awareness? If so, check out our GlutenFreeTravelSite store...we're having a big closeout sale on our remaining mearchandise with the slogan, "These Buns Are Gluten Free!" prominently (and tastefully) emblazoned on the back side. We have T-shirts (both standard unisex fit as well as a narrower "ladies fit"), ladies shorts, and unisex sweatpants. Our prices have always been great -- which is why these cute items have sold so well. Now, with a 30% off SALE, they're an even better deal. Take the sweatpants, for example -- a high quality weight with side pockets. A comparable pair would easily sell for at least $45 or $50 in stores. Ours are under $25! And the T-shrits and shorts are now priced from $15 - $17.50! Best of all, 5% of sales go to the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness to support all their wonderful programs. So get your Holiday shopping started early for any gluten free hard-to-buy-for folks on your list, and I'll guarantee your gift will get a... Read more →

Those of you who regularly read my Blog know that I like to sample and review gluten free snack bars. They're the perfect on-the-go snack whether you need a quick boost between meetings, are running the kids to and from activities, or traveling. Take them on a plance, keep a few in your car, pack them as an emergency "back up" snack or meal on a trip... In the past, I've tried Luna Protein bars, Soy Joy, and most recently NuGo bars. Recently, I had the opportunity to try Kit's Organic Fruit and Nut Bar by CLIF. Kit's Organic Fruit and Nut bars remind me a lot of Larabars, which are also gluten free. Kit's bars are made from just a handful of simple ingredients: dates, nuts, and -- depending on the specific flavor -- fruit, unsweetened chocolate, coconut, coconut oil, and sea salt. As a discriminating, health-conscious mom, they are a home run in my book, because they're not only GLUTEN FREE, but also all-natural, organic, GMO free, and rice free. Rice never used to be something I was concerned about, but given the recent news surrounding arsenic in rice, I have to say I'm particularly alarmed, given how... Read more →

I first met Lina Lodico online back in 2008, several years after she and her daughters -- and my own son -- were diagnosed with Celiac Disease. She had organized an annual walk on Long Island to benefit the Celiac Sprue Association and their efforts to raise funds for Celiac research, and she is a stalwart advocate for Celiac awareness. I was fortunate to finally meet Lina in person at the Celiac Sprue Association's Annual Conference, which just wrapped up -- and coincidentally took place on Long Island this year. It was like meeting an old friend, as it often is when personally connecting with people in the Celiac community. We all have so many similar stories to share -- often involving years (or months that feel like years) of struggles with health issues and delayed diagnosis. We've all been fortunate, however, to finally receive a proper diagnosis for ourselves or our family members: Celiac Disease. Many, however, still aren't as fortunate. There are still MILLIONS of people with Celiac Disease that remain undiagnosed. In fact, estimates of undiagnosed Celiac Disease range from 83%-95% of the 1% of the population that has it. (If you've been properly diagnosed, consider yourself... Read more →

I first met Maureen Burke several years ago at a Washington DC Metro Celiacs meeting. She had brought samples of her company's delicious gluten free and allergen free sweet and savory creations for all of us members to sample. Her company is called One Dish Cuisine, and the idea is to offer gluten free and allergen free meals that are bought, stored, baked, and served in ONE dish...reducing any chance of cross contamination in preparation. Her meals are offered at several restaurants, markets, bakeries, assisted living facilities, and hospitals in Baltimore and Washington areas. I've had the pleasure to sample her food at many events and expos since, and I particularly enjoyed her crabcakes and pizza. Fast forward to present day, and Maureen has opened her own restaurant, also called One Dish Cuisine Cafe, Deli, and Bakery. Maureen's motivations to serve the Celiac, gluten free, and allergen free communities run deep. She was diagnosed with Celiac herself in the late 80's -- WAY before the term "gluten free" was a household term. She's also casein intolerant. Coincidentally, she also has a nephew who has special dietary needs -- due to Autism, PDD NOS. Her efforts to create delicious and nutritious... Read more →

GlutenFreeTravelSite was featured in an article on Dining Gluten Free on CRUISE ships on travel expert Peter Greenberg's website. It's titled: Cruising with Celiac Disease: What to Know Before You Go ( ). Don't miss our new and very helpful CRUISE page, which is linked to in the article. We list the gluten free policies of all the major cruise lines -- and also link to reviews submitted to our site for each cruise line. Read more →