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Free 2013 Gluten Free Recipe Calendar Giveaway

I always enjoy finding cool and unique gifts. My friend Diane Elbin from The WHOLE Gang website recently came up with an ingenious gift for anyone who appreicates good food -- and it's here just in time for your early Holiday shopping! 

Screen Shot 2012-11-12 at 2.50.15 PMDiane is a professional recipe developer, chef, cookbook author, and gluten free health coach. Diane created what's essentially a beautiful Cookbook Desk Calendar of 12 cards featuring mouth-watering photos of gluten free (and dairy free) meals, with the full, easy-to-follow recipes on back. There's a featured recipe for each month, and the 12 cards are contained in a CD case that flips open into a stand for display. Showcase the month's calendar, and then flip the card over to try the lucious recipe. In addition to being gluten free and dairy free, each recipe comes with specific instructions if you desire to modify it to be vegetarian, vegan, or Paleo. 

Screen Shot 2012-11-12 at 2.51.54 PMI'm literally salivating over some of the photos and recipes: Jicama Tacos and Tostadas, Little Lasagne Flowers, Easy Layered Mexican Casserole, Summer Vegetable Rosettes, and Cashew Cream Yam Cannelloni, to name my "must-try" favorites. Even though they may sound or look fancy, the preparation instructions look surprisingly simple.

Should you want to try more of Diane's original and innovative recipes, the calendar/recipes come with an access code to view a special page of The WHOLE Gang website with tons more recipes, tips, and tools for fun and amazing gluten free meals! 

Screen Shot 2012-11-12 at 2.49.42 PMThis makes a unique gift for gluten free friends or family -- or for ANYONE who appreciates fresh, flavorful, and healthy food. So think about who you'll need to buy a litte something special for this Holiday season: cleints, co-workers, employees, or teachers. At $14.95 (or $13.95 if you buy 10 or more), it's an affordable and thoughful gift. When you buy more than one, Diane even includes an individual shipping box for each calendar, meaning it's ready for you to give or send to the recipient. 

Diane was kind enough to send me a copy of her 2013 Cookbook Desk Calendar to use in a giveaway. So at the beginning of December, we will give a copy of the Calendar to the winner of our Featured Review contest on our website, GlutenFreeTravelSite. As many of you know, GlutenFreeTravelSite chooses a particularly helpful review from all the prior month's review submissions to showcase on our Featured Review page each month. And there's always a prize for the winning reviewer. This month it's the Calendar! So we encourage you to submit your gluten free dining or travel reviews to GlutenFreeTravelSite. Share some comments about your favorite local restaurant, bakery, or market -- or perhaps a hotel, resort, or cruise that took care of your gluten free needs while traveling. We'd love to hear your stories, and we look forward to choosing a lucky winner for December's Featured Review -- and to recieve Diane's 2013 Recipe Calendar!