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I'm always looking for travel opportunites that truly give gluten free travelers a "vacation from worry" opportunity for you to travel in which all the meal details have been taken care of. That way, you can truly relax and enjoy your vacation without hours and hours of advance planning -- or scrutinizing every every menu for the duration of your trip.

BudapestI recently learned of Gluten Free Cruises, started by travel agent Lynda McHenry. She has organized a Gluten Free Food and Wine Cruise down the Danube River from May 22-29, 2013. You'll board the brand new AmaPrima river boat from Ama Waterways, a company that's been delivering quality cruises to her clients for 10 years. The boat is equipped to accommodate 164 passengers and make stops in Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna, Durnstein, Melk, Linz, Passau, and Vilshofen -- with an optional 2-day stay in Prague.

Lynda has 35 years experience as a travel agent, 31 of which have been as the owner of her own agencies. She, her husband, and her daughter are all gluten intolerant. They started a gluten free grain business, as well as a dedicated gluten free cafe in Oregon. Lynda launched Gluten Free Cruises with two missions in mind...first, to offer a dedicated gluten free travel experience, allowing those with gluten sensitivities to focus on the joy of travel as opposed to the constant worry of what is safe to eat, and second, to spotlight how fabulous gluten free cuisine is. Lynda believes the a European river cruise provides the perfect venue for such an endeavor.

Screen Shot 2012-11-11 at 4.31.11 PMCruises along the Danube are one of the hottest items in travel at the moment, and the intimate size of the ship allows the chefs to control what comes out of the kitchen. AmaWaterways and McHenry have brought in three gluten-free chefs and food experts to give lectures, cooking demonstrations, and mingle with passengers. These include Jules Shepard, chef and cookbook author of Jules Gluten Free; Anne Roland Lee, Director of Nutritional Services for Schar USA; and Nadine Grzeskowiak, a national expert and speaker on the subjects of gluten intolerance and celiac disease.

Screen Shot 2012-11-11 at 4.31.46 PMLynda has worked to create a safe experience for the gluten free and non-gluten free traveler alike. For those who have always dreamed of taking a river cruise without the fear of having to manage their gluten intolerance in a foreign country, I encourage you to give Linda a call at 888-818-0963, email her at [email protected], or visit her Gluten Free Cruises website for more information.  An on-board discount is available for early bookings. 

Have you ever taken a trip where gluten free meals have been arranged? If so, we'd love to hear all about it! Click on the Comments button below to share your thoughts!