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We're always excited to hear about pizza chains that are offering gluten free pizza -- and even more excited when they do it right. We all know how Domino's learned the hard way about the importance of avoiding cross contamination when preparing gluten free pizza for their Celiac and gluten free customers. 

To truly be "gluten free," a gluten free pizza crust must be topped with only gluten free ingredients, and care must be taken to shield the pizza from any contact with regular flour or regular pizza during preparation and cooking.

Ppc photoPizza Pie Cafe, with locations in both Utah and Idaho, does just that. The gluten free pizza crust is kept in its own separate pan during prep and cooking, and separate sauce (and ladle) are used, gloves are changed, and a separate pizza cutter slices the pizza before it's served. You can order a gluten free pizza on its own -- or added for only $2 extra when you purchase any regular-priced adult "All You Can Eat" Gluten Free Pasta & Salad buffet. Now that's a deal!

Pizza Pie Cafe's employees take the same precautions with the gluten free pasta that they do with the pizza...they boil it in a separate pot of clean water and use a separate colander and utensils to serve it up. Most salad dressings are gluten free, and you can have fun making your own creation with all the fixin's at the salad bar. And to finish the meal? Why not try a dessert pizza, available in several fruit flavors (but without the "crumbles" that contain gluten)? If you have a smaller appetite, you can even have them make a half "regular" pizza nad half dessert pizza!

Screen Shot 2012-11-01 at 12.58.46 PMSo who says you can't get a good gluten free pizza at a good value? Whether you're in Idaho or Utah, seek out Pizza Pie Cafe at one of their seven locations. And let us know what you think! 

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