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This month, our gluten free college blogger Julie Bourne shares a few tips for fellow college students -- and anyone with limited time or funds -- about how to prepare quick and healthy gluten free meals with a handful of versatile ingredients. As I creep closer to my final year of college (where did the time go?!), I find myself experiencing more adult-like realities along the lines of paying rent, commuting on an everyday basis, socializing at friends’ houses rather than dorm rooms, and being forced to go to grocery store nearly three times a week. The convenience of being able to trudge downstairs to the dorm dining hall in my pajamas for every meal is now a memory of the past, and I have been getting used to packing lunches and attempting to cook healthy yet tasty dinners, along with making a detailed game plan before going food shopping to save time and money. In order to reduce the stress that can come with being increasingly responsible for feeding oneself, it can be helpful to stick to a general routine that can still be alterable to avoid monotony. For example, a staple food that I always have in the... Read more →

Are you ready for a once-in-a-lifetime that's TRULY a vacation? Imagine visiting the Tuscany region of Italy -- and staying in a gorgeous 18th-century villa where you can relax by the pool or meander around the grounds. Then imagine having some gluten free meals prepared for you in a kitchen that's stocked with local produce, food, and wine for your enjoyment during your stay. Sound amazing? Well it gets even imagine not only meeting, but cooking with the legendary "Gluten Free Girl" herself...Shauna James Ahern...and her talented husband "The Chef," Daniel Ahern. Now that sounds almost too good to be true, doesn't it?! This isn't just a's a reality. This is actually the secocnd year that Jovial Foods, makers of a gluten free line of Italian pastas and cookies, has sponsored an extraordinary week-long Gluten Free Culinary Getaway with Shauna and Danny Ahern. Based on last year's success, they're doing it again. The 8-day/7-night culinary adventure will take place from May 18-25, 2013 in Lucca, Italy. You'll have the opportunity to join Shauna and Danny, who you may know from their popular Blog, Gluten Free Girl and the Chef, in four fun, hands-on gluten free Italian cooking... Read more →