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Gluten Free Irish Soda Bread -- Perfect ANY Day of the Year!

On St. Patrick's Day this year, I made the usual corned beef in a slow cooker -- and resurrected the Irish Soda Bread recipe I'd made a couple years ago. We were having company over (including a boy named Patrick), so I wanted to make sure to include this Irish tradition as part of the meal! 

The recipe I'd followed a couple years back was from All Recipes (I love that site -- I adapt a lot of recipes from there to make them gltuen free). It's called Irresistible Irish Soad Bread, and it's a fitting name. It is irresistible -- and perfect ANY time of the year! I personally like the recipe, because it's plain -- it doesn't call for caraway seeds or raisins. The result is a slightly sweet bread with a nice texture that's good served with a meal -- or even sliced thin for sandwiches (although it's just a tad bit crumbly). And shame on me for forgetting (yet again) to take a picture!

King Arthur GF flourI followed the All Recipes recipe to a "T," but of course substituted gluten free flour, cup for cup, for the regular "all purpose flour." This year, I figured I'd try the recipe with King Arthur's all-purpose gluten free flour, which is my new "go to" gluten free flour for all recipes -- sweet or savory. 

The result was wonderfully tasty. The recipe recommends baking the bread for 65 to 70 minutes. I set the oven's timer for 60 minutes and then checked the bread. It still needed a bit more time, and in the end it came out perfect (in my oven) after a total of 70 minutes of cooking. It had browned slightly on the outside and was cooked through, but not dry, on the inside. 

I'd highly recommend this easy, foolproof recipe for great homemade gluten free bread. You don't even need a bread maker -- just a loaf pan. I used a Kitchen Aid stand mixer to blend the ingredients on low, but you don't even need that. Mixing by hand is sufficient. The recipe calls for just 8 ingredients, 7 of which you probably have on hand at all times (flour, baking powder, sugar, salt, baking soda, egg, and butter). Buttermilk was the only things I had to run out and buy. 

I'd love to hear your comments -- and learn about any other easy gluten free bread recipes you've had success making.