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Gluten Free Ice Cream Cones and More from Goldbaums

With Memorial Day weekend -- and the unofficial start of Summer just days away -- we're all beginning to think of cool treats like popsicles and ice cream to cool us down as the mercury rises. 

Until recently, gluten free folks had to forgo ice cream cones -- settling for ice cream in a bowl. Now that isn't much fun, is it?! 

IMG_0566But here again, a gluten free friendly company has come to the rescue! Goldbaums, "the name in tasty gluten free food," introduced their five types of gluten free ice cream cones a while back, but I saw it fitting to remind everyone of this great find now that we're officially in ice-cream season! Goldbaums makes several varieties of the traditional Sugar Cones as well as an Ice Cream "Cup" style cone. They even have Cocoa Sugar Cones (our family's favorite) and Jumbo Cones (like the large "waffle cones" you find in many ice cream stores). You can make them even more like these gourmet waffle cones you find elsewhere by dipping them in chocolate and then coating with other confections like coconut, sprinkles, or nuts! 

No one would ever guess these cones are gluten free! 

IMG_0567Goldbaums has other fantastic gluten free products, too, that are all made in a facility free of soy, gluten, dairy, and nuts. The other thing I love about Goldbaums is that their products are GMO-free, which is something I'm increasingly screening for in the foods I buy for our family. 

We've tried their Brown Rice Pasta, which is made in Canada, and their gluten free Crispy Crunchy Chow Mein Noodles (what a treat -- I'm not aware of ANY other company that makes these!). Another unique product we recently tried is their gluten free Mini Croutons (or "Soup Mandel"). These are for sprinkling in soup and are Kosher Pareve and made in Israel. Again, all these products are not only gluten free, but GMO-free!

Pop_chips_01And have you seen POP Potato low fat snacks made by Goldbaums? They're tasty, too...essentially a potato chip, but healthier.  They come in Original, Onion & Garlic, and BBQ. 

Unfortunately for us, their products are hard to find in our area. Our local Food Lion (formerly Bloom) used to carry them, but I haven't seen them lately. Fortunately, you can order their products online. Check out their online sources -- as well as their Store Locator to see if their products are available in your area. I hope Goldbaums is able to gain wider distribution -- and in more mainstream grocery stores -- soon. Goldbaums' products are not only gluten free, but unique, tasty, and healthy -- a home run in this mom's book! And I look foward to any new product introductions from this company. They seem to have found a few product niches other gluten free companies aren't focusing on. Can't wait to see what's next!