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With Memorial Day weekend -- and the unofficial start of Summer just days away -- we're all beginning to think of cool treats like popsicles and ice cream to cool us down as the mercury rises. Until recently, gluten free folks had to forgo ice cream cones -- settling for ice cream in a bowl. Now that isn't much fun, is it?! But here again, a gluten free friendly company has come to the rescue! Goldbaums, "the name in tasty gluten free food," introduced their five types of gluten free ice cream cones a while back, but I saw it fitting to remind everyone of this great find now that we're officially in ice-cream season! Goldbaums makes several varieties of the traditional Sugar Cones as well as an Ice Cream "Cup" style cone. They even have Cocoa Sugar Cones (our family's favorite) and Jumbo Cones (like the large "waffle cones" you find in many ice cream stores). You can make them even more like these gourmet waffle cones you find elsewhere by dipping them in chocolate and then coating with other confections like coconut, sprinkles, or nuts! No one would ever guess these cones are gluten free! Goldbaums has other... Read more →

My older son (not the gluten free one) came home from middle school a couple weeks ago telling me about a chocolate chip cookie recipe his friend got from the Mrs. Fields website. He said we HAD to try it...and my son wanted to adapt the recipe to make it gluten free. We've made many gluten free chocolate chip cookies over the years, some "from scratch" recipes and others from mixes or ready-made dough. They've all been a bit different -- but for the most part, they've all been good. We were excited to try this new recipe, since it was from the Mrs. Fields site. Here it is, with just ONE substitution -- using gluten free flour instead of regular flour. We (or should I say MY SON, since he did most of the work) used the King Arthur gluten free flour, which has been our "go-to" flour recently. We substitute it cup-for-cup both in baking and for savory cooking uses, like breading. We really liked these cookies -- perhaps our favorite, at least in recent memory. (Compliments to my husband for the photo -- all too often I forget to take photos of our GF creations!) Mrs. Fields... Read more →

Every so often a gluten free product comes along that fills a much-needed void. Take for example, the line of ready-to-eat snacks/meals from GoPicnic. Available in 10 different Gluten Free varieties, they're perfect for kids' lunch boxes, your own lunch box, field trips, road trips, and as a take-along snack for the plane. They're also great for gluten free college students who need to pack a safe, gluten free snack to eat between classes. Whenever and wherever you need a "grab and go" gluten free snack, this is a great option! Similar to Oscar Mayer Lunchables in size and concept, they're much healthier and require no refrigeration. Each box is filled with 5 individually wrapped items -- usually a cracker or healthy chip with some sort of protein or spread, a fruit or nut mix and other snack, and a "treat" like a gluten free cookie. Many of the varieties are not only gluten free, but vegan as well. Just be sure to look closely when selecting a GoPicnic product, because they also have a non-GF line of products. Fortunately, the "Gluten Free" phrase is prominent on the packaging. Here are the Gluten Free varieties available now: Turkey Stick and... Read more →

Recently I had the good fortune to be put in touch with Wendy Krakower, a friend of a friend who launched a much-needed allergy-friendly business. It's called The Food Allergy Kitchenware Company, and they sell stainless steel SERVING SPOONS with the words "Gluten Free" or "Peanut Free" stamped on the end of the handle. What a great idea! It makes things abundantly clear to anyone making -- or serving -- multiple meals, some of which may contain an allergen. For example, use them to stir gluten free pasta as you're preparing it -- or to serve items in a buffet setting. Even other family members, visiting relatives, or guests will be able to plainly see which utensil should be used for the Gluten Free or Peanut Free food. Wendy came up with the idea after way too many meals "ruined" (cross-contaminated) by a simple spoon mix-up. Has that ever happened to you? Wendy is planning to expand her line of allergy-friendly cookware, but for right now, the spoons are a great addition to your kitchen -- or a great gift for anyone you know who deals with Celiac Disease, gluten sensitivity, or a peanut allergy in their family. These are... Read more →