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Recently I had the good fortune to be put in touch with Wendy Krakower, a friend of a friend who launched a much-needed allergy-friendly business. It's called The Food Allergy Kitchenware Company, and they sell stainless steel SERVING SPOONS with the words "Gluten Free" or "Peanut Free" stamped on the end of the handle. 


What a great idea! It makes things abundantly clear to anyone making -- or serving -- multiple meals, some of which may contain an allergen. For example, use them to stir gluten free pasta as you're preparing it -- or to serve items in a buffet setting. Even other family members, visiting relatives, or guests will be able to plainly see which utensil should be used for the Gluten Free or Peanut Free food. 


Wendy came up with the idea after way too many meals "ruined" (cross-contaminated) by a simple spoon mix-up. Has that ever happened to you? 

Wendy is planning to expand her line of allergy-friendly cookware, but for right now, the spoons are a great addition to your kitchen -- or a great gift for anyone you know who deals with Celiac Disease, gluten sensitivity, or a peanut allergy in their family. 

These are very high-quality, durable stainless steel spoons that are dishwasher safe and will last a good long time! They're available online or in a few stores in the DC Metro area market: Roots Market with locations in Olney, Maryland and Clarksville, Maryland. 

Please help Wendy spread the word by sharing this post with any friends or family members that deal with peanut allergies or gluten sensitivity/Celiac in their home.