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Gluten-Free-Burger-Glory-Days-GrillGreat news! One of our family's favorite restaurants has introduced a gluten free bun for their famous burgers! 

Glory Days Grill -- our "go to" restaurant for burgers, wings, ribs, and classic "grill" fare -- has long offered a fantastic Gluten Free Menu to its gluten free diners.  And it's one of the better and more extensive Gluten Free Menus around. The only thing missing -- really -- was gluten free buns for the burgers. They had wanted to be sure what they offered was top-notch. After trying many brands, they chose -- not surprisingly -- Udi's hamburger buns. So now you can get any of their burgers -- beef, turkey, or chicken -- with a gluten free bun (there's a small upcharge of $.75, but you can also opt to skip the bun). Either way, their burgers are delicious. My personal favorite is a Turkery Burger with Swiss/Mushrooms/Onion, but it's also hard to resist the Bacon Cheddar burger! 

Our sons almost always order the tender, delectable ribs -- a house speciality and hard to resist. It's so nice to find good ribs that are gluten free. And it's hard to decide between them and the great burgers. But honestly, my favorite item on the menu is actually the gluten free grilled salmon entree, which is always perfectly prepared and served with a mustard roumelade (as opposed to with the sesame ginger glaze which contains gluten). Even the fries are gluten free at Glory Days Grill, because they prepare them in a dedicated fryer. There are plenty of other gluten free sides to choose from if you want a healthier choice, too. Plus, they have a Gluten Free Kids Menu with burgers, kids-sized portions of the ribs, and healthy grilled chicken strips. 

Flourless-Chocolate-Torte-Glory-Days-GrillJust be sure to save room for dessert: the new Petite Chocolate Torte. While this is the only gluten free dessert on the menu (other than a hot fudge sundae), it is honestly the BEST dessert of all their many, many mouthwatering dessert choices. We know this because we recently dined with my cousin and her family, and we all ordered a different dessert so we could sample each others. The consensus even among the non-GF diners at the table was that the Petite Chocolate Torte was hands down the best. Don't let the name fool's not really all that petite, and it's so rich and decadent, you may want to share it with a friend or family member. Or then again, maybe not. My son only parted with ONE BITE of his! He was guarding it from our forks with his life! This flourless torte tastes like pure chocolate truffle. Just check out the mouth-watering photo! 

Glory Days Grill provides a fun, sports-themed environment that's great for the whole family. It's the perfect place to gather after team events and for end-of-season celebrations. There are 20 locations, including some in Maryland and West Virginia. 

We'd love your feedback on this successful and growing restaurant chain that's always been so friendly and accommodating to their gluten free guests. Have you been to one of Glory Days Grill's locations? Which one? What are your favorite menu items? Have YOU tried the gluten free chocolate torte? Please comment below or Submit a Review to our website, GlutenFreeTravelSite, to share your feedback with other gluten free diners looking for great burgers, ribs, and more!