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Gluten Free Dining at Baltimore's Oriole Park at Camden Yards

Last night we enjoyed a night out with extended family to attend the Orioles/Red Sox game at Camden Yards in Baltimore. We are are Sox fans, and let me tell you, we weren't the only ones there! And fortunately, unlike the night before, it was a good night to be a Sox fan! 

The only thing as good as watching the Sox defeat the Orioles 7-3 (sorry, O's fans!) was having an all-around good gluten free dining experience. 

Upon arriving at the ballpark, we went into the Fan Assistance office in the main warehouse building right inside the entrance on Eutaw Steet. They handed us a "Gluten-Free Options" listing, which details the choices for gluten free fare at various places around the ballpark. 

My son and I opted for Boog's BBQ on the Main Concourse on Eutaw Street -- right across from the Fan Assistance office. They offer many types of gluten free barbeque meat, along with baked beans and coleslaw, which are all gluten free. They even offer gluten free rolls. I think they were Udi's. They also know to change their gloves before fulfilling a gluten free order. The people working here were very friendly and helpful with a great attitude. 

We ordered one Turkey Sandwich and one Pork Sandwich (it is sliced pork, not pulled pork). You add your own BBQ sauce (or mayo, mustard, ketchup, onions, etc.) at a condiment bar with Heinz products in large pump dispensers. Both the pork and the turkey were delicious -- tender and flavorful. The turkey literally melted in our mouths. We weren't crazy about the buns, however. It was nice to have it as an option, but I think they just take the buns out of the bag and serve them. As you all likely know, most GF burger buns are much better when warmed, grilled, or steamed a bit. It brings out the flavor and softens them up. These seemed rather dry, dense, and lacking in flavor. The beans and coleslaw were excellent, and all in all, the meal was quite good (we ate more of the large portions of meat than the roll, but cutting the carbs can't hurt, right?). It gave us more room for Carvel Soft Serve ice cream later, which we confirmed was gluten free. 

Natty-boh-bar-camden-yardsThey also serve Redbridge gluten free beer at several places in the park, including the "Natty Boh" (National Bohemian) Bar. It was $8 per bottle. (My husband got his at Dempsey's Restaurant and paid a bit more.) So all in all, you can have a real "ballpark" experience at Camden Yards, althought it may take a bit of running around to get all the gluten free treats you desire. There's BBQ, hot dogs and sausage, pizza, and even Korean BBQ. Here's the list to help you out, since I don't believe it is available online: 


Eutaw Street/Main Concourse

Beer: Roof Deck Bar, Natty Boh Bar, Free State Pub, Dempsey's Restaurant


Dempsey's: The Dempsey Salad, Steak Salad, Catcher's Cobb, Baby Arugula Salad, Beer Can Chicken, Bacon on a Stick

Boog's BBQ: (please request gluten free roll)

Jack Daniel's: Bacon on a Stick, Beer Can Chicken

TAKO Korean BBQ: Kogi Beef with Corn Tortilla, Kogi Chicken with Corn Tortilla, Pad Thai Noodle Salad

Das Sausage Haus (right of Section 1-11 Portal Concession Stand 102): Please request gluten free roll. Old Bay Sausage, Italian Sausage, Esskay Hot Dog

Season's Pizza: Gluten Free Cheese Pizza

Eutaw Market: Go Picnic Gluten Free Meals

Club Level

Beer: O'Says Pub


Boog's BBQ -- All-Star Cafe (please request gltuen free roll)

Upper Deck

Beer: Bud Bar

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