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As many of your know, this Gluten Free Travel Blog is an offshoot of our popular website, GlutenFreeTravelSite, which was launched over five years ago. I created the website so people would have an easy way to search for "gluten free friendly" places to dine wherever they were planning to travel -- in the U.S. and in other countries.

Screen Shot 2013-07-13 at 5.41.37 PMBut rather than just providing a name and address of a restaurant (or market, hotel/inn/resort, or bakery), I felt it was essential to include REVIEWS from gluten free folks who'd been there. After all, you want to know as much as you can about a place before dining there, right? For example, do they have a gluten free menu, items marked as GF on the regular menu, or a chef who is able to tailor many items on the menu to make them gluten free? Do they have a dedicated fryer for french fries, chicken wings, or other fried items? (If they make claims that their fried items are gluten free without having a dedicated fryer, you know to be extremely cautious about dining there in the first place!) Are they careful about avoiding cross contamination in other ways? Do they handle gluten free requests frequently -- and with grace -- or do they seem confused when answering your questions? These are all indications about how well-versed a restaurant is in preparing safe meals, and it's often easy to spot "red flags."

This is the type of feedback you'll get from reading the reviews on our GlutenFreeTravelSite. Most reviews are positive, but there are some that are cautionary, too. If you can't find a particular restaurant on our site, it's simply because it hasn't been reviewed by someone yet (again, we feel very strongly that without a review, the name of a business isn't terribly helpful -- so please take a moment to submit a review yourself). Reviews can be short or detailed -- the important thing is to let people know if it's a safe place to eat -- and provide a few sentences of specifics if possible (recommended items, whether it's necessary to talk to the chef, what special GF items they might have, any words of caution). 

Screen Shot 2013-07-13 at 5.42.33 PMThere are two easy ways to search GlutenFreeTravelSite's reviews. You can either search broadly by state or country (this works best for our international reviews or if you're planning to cover many areas within one state). Then, if desired, you can narrow your search further by clicking on a link at the top of any of these state or country pages.

The other, more targeted way to search is by town/city or zip code on our mapping page. After entering a town or zip into the Search Box, a list of places within your specified radius will come up, and markers will appear on a corresponding map to the right. Click on any business within the listing, and it will be highlighted on the map, where you can link to the user-submitted review. 

Screen Shot 2013-07-13 at 5.32.41 PMDid you know we have some particularly unique reviews on our site, too -- like a page devoted to Gluten Free College Reviews? Our aim is to eventually have every college in the U.S. reviewed for its degree of GF-friendliness, so please encourage any GF college students you know to submit a review of their university's dining services (it's just like submitting a review for a restaurant). It helps all those GF teens who need guidance as they begin their college searches. 

Screen Shot 2013-07-13 at 5.32.21 PMIf you're a fan of cruising, you'll be interested in knowing that GlutenFreeTravelSite also contains many reviews of cruise lines, which are fast becoming one of the more "gluten free friendly" ways to travel. To help you compare the various cruise lines, we've put together a Gluten Free Cruises page that details the GF policies of all the major U.S.-based cruise lines and a sampling of reviews that address the gluten free dining experience on each one. 

Blog-talk-radioLearn more about some other unique areas of our site by browsing the Travel Resources section. It includes tons of helpful sub-sections detailing local Celiac associations, Trip Planning resources and travel agents specializing in GF travel, Gluten Free Camps all over the country, and a list of many other helpful gluten free Blogs. I just discussed many of these topics in a recent interview with Rebecca Black on Blog Talk Radio. It's worth a listen -- to get an overview of the many gluten free dining and travel opportunities out there -- and how GlutenFreeTravelSite can help steer you towards the best ones. 

IMG_0617We love getting your comments and questions, so feel free to post a comment below! And thanks for helping us spread the word about GlutenFreeTravelSite, our DINE GLUTEN FREE iPhone app and Android app, and this Gluten Free Travel Blog!

Our DINE GLUTEN FREE app, free and available for both iPhone/iPad and Android devices, enables users to search the gluten free dining and travel reviews found on GlutenFreeTravelSite in a more mobile-friendly format. Search by town or zip and read reviews before deciding where to dine. Other features of the app include a monthly Featured Review, access to this Blog and our social media pages, a section with Coupons, and a list of restaurant chains offering Gluten Free Menus -- with links to dedicated pages for each restaurant chain.

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