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A representative from P.F. Chang's contacted me recently and sent my family to our local P.F. Chang's to try some of the new additions to their Gluten Free Menu. Already big fans of P.F. Chang's, we were excited to sample a few new items we hadn't yet had the opportunity to order. 

IMG_0779Beginning this past Spring, P.F. Chang's started offering seasonal menu items available only for a limited time. Now through the end of August, they are offering their Summer Menu, which includes one new gluten free item: Summer Vegetable Quinoa "Fried Rice." This is such a unique and delicious meal, and a description just doesn't do it justice. You really have to try this entree yourself. It's described as "Wok-toasted quinoa with sunburst squash, mango, tomatoes, and snow peas -- topped with a sunny-side egg." 

I'm already a big fan of quinoa, and the quinoa used in this dish is red quinoa, which I found especially tasty. Upon delivering the Summer Vegetable Quinoa "Fried Rice" to the table, your server will immediately cut and mix the sunny side egg into the quinoa, where it becomes part of the "sauce." This was really cool to watch -- and made me intrigued as to how it would actually taste. My sons didn't try it (they still aren't the most adventurous diners at their ages), and my husband was working late that night, so I had the dish all to myself! There was enough that I was able to take almost half of it home to enjoy as leftovers the next day for lunch, when it proved equally as delicious. For vegetarians, this makes a great meal -- providing lots of protein from the quinoa. The restaurant suggests pairing it with a Pinor Noir wine, but being the driver that evening, I chose to stick with my water...but I'm sure it would be even more delicious with the Pinot! 

IMG_0778Todd, the manager, also encouraged us to try the Shaking Beef, which is a new item on their permanent Gluten Free Menu. It is described as, "Tender flank steak and broccolini, on fresh greens, tomatoes, and red onions, with zesty lime vinaigrette." My boys DID try this one, and we were ALL big fans. I was so glad the manager suggested it, because I don't think I'd noticed it on the menu the last time we dined at P.F. Chang's. Now I will have an even harder time deciding which of my many favorite dishes to order next time (their Singapore Street Noodles are another favorite of mine). 

Of course, the boys ALWAYS order the same thing: Philip's Better Lemon Chicken. This is one of their all-time favorite things to eat, and I don't blame them. As a child, I was also a big fan of lemon's what I'd always order at Chinese restaurants. Of course, some places made it better than others. But it's safe to say that Philip's version IS truly "better." My sons always joke about the "secret sauce," and they wish I could figure out the recipe for the lemon sauce so I could make it at home! It's the perfect combination of sweet and tart, and the chunks of white meat chicken are tender and dusted with a wonderfully light gluten free batter. 

We thought it was the end of the world a couple years ago when P.F. Chang's took Philip's Better Lemon Chicken off the menu, but I'm happy to say it's back (probably by popular demand!). But the Summer Vegetable Quinoa "Fried Rice" will only be around for another month, so I'd highly recommend heading to your nearest P.F. Chang's to try this unique limited-time entree. And I, for one, am looking forward to seeing what gluten free items will be part of their seasonal Fall Menu after that! 


P.F. Chang's gift cardP.F. Chang's was nice enough to give us a $25 Gift Card to award to one lucky reviewer of their restaurant. To enter, simply submit a review to GlutenFreeTravelSite of the P.F. Chang's restaurant you visit most often. One winner will be chosen by a random drawing from all entries (review submissions) received by GlutenFreeTravelSite by 11:59 pm Eastern time on Thursday, August 8, 2013. So share a review of your local P.F. Chang's (or a location you've visited while traveling) and let everyone know what YOUR favorite gluten free menu items are! Good luck!