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It seems pizza restaurants all over are hopping on the gluten free bandwagon and offering gluten free pizza...but if you're Celiac or gluten sensitive, it's important to ask the right questions before blindly devouring any "gluten free" pizza. After all, we've all heard the stories about cross contamination rendering supposedly "gluten free" pizzas unsafe for consumption -- except for those folks following a gluten free diet by choice. Pizza Pie Cafe is one place you can feel safe. If you live in Idaho or Utah, you have 11 Pizza Pie Cafe locations to choose from (and they'll be opening another one -- in West Jordan, UT -- in mid-February). Apparently, further expansion is planned as well. They follow safe practices to avoid cross contamination, including keeping the gluten free pizza crust in its own separate pan during preparation and cooking, using separate sauce and a separate ladle, changing gloves, and using a separate pizza cutter. Pizza Pie Cafe offers a gluten free version of its All You Can Eat pizza, pasta, and salad bar. And they will make ANY gluten free pizza (whichever combination of toppings you like), upon request. Even though there's a $2 upcharge for gluten free, it's... Read more →

Nestled in a tiny town at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Rappahannock County, Virginia -- and not far from the popular Shenandoah National Park and scenic Skyline Drive -- sits a dedicated gluten free bakery called Triple Oak Bakery. If you're not paying attention as you drive along, you might miss this small cottage on the side of the road. But don't be fooled by its size. Plenty of delectable gluten free treats are made here, with lots of love and care, by owner Brooke Parkhurst. Her assortment of gluten free goodies is amazing -- custom made cakes, brownies (including cream cheese brownies) rugelach, cookies, cupcakes, scones, pies, coffee cake, bagels, babka, biscuits -- even quiche, chicken pot pie, samosas, and spanakopita. Having a party? Check out her sweet and savory party trays, too. Some items like scones, bagels, and oakcakes are now available for shipping. If you live in the DC Metro area, a visit to Triple Oak is a great excuse to take a drive out to the peaceful countryside and perhaps get the blood flowing while hiking one of the many, many trails in the area. Of course, this is more enjoyable during the... Read more →

These days, there are gluten free travel opportunities for almost any destination. Today, I want to share one particularly unique itinerary brought to you by Ellen Morse, of Gluten Free Travel - Us. Ellen has developed a customized itinerary of Andalusia, Spain, with an option to combine it with several days in Madrid and/or Barcelona. I want to stress that this is is not a group tour, and it can be scheduled whenever you would like to travel. It can also be tailored more specifically to your interests. Here's what Ellen has to say: In November 2010, UNESCO declared the Mediterranean Diet "Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity". The Mediterranean Diet is not only considered the standard of excellence in the preparation of healthy and balanced food, it is also refers to the culture, ancient traditions and lifestyle of the Mediterraneans. We believe exciting, outstanding, hands-on “in situ” experiences are a MUST when it comes to approaching Mediterranean gastronomy. And the incredible part of all of this? We can make this happen for YOU - the GLUTEN FREE TRAVELER. You no longer need to feel that being a “FOODIE” is reserved for those without food allergies. Spain is the PERFECT destination... Read more →