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Travel to Costa Rica and Enjoy a Week of Gluten Free Dining and Award Winning Accommodations

It's so thrilling to me to see the world opening up to gluten free travelers. Once upon a time, it was difficult to go on an extended vacation if you were gluten free, unless you were able to rent a condo with a kitchen and do your own cooking. And frankly, that's not much of a vacation, even for those of us who love to cook! 


Now, however, amazing opportunities abound for gluten free travelers. 

Take Costa Rica, for example...a very popular spot for tourists. Its beauty and the friendliness of the local population are unrivaled. And there's something for everyone, whether you're in the mood for adventure, eco-tourism, or just a week of rest and relaxation.  


Arenas Del Mar, a luxury boutique hotel situated on the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica, is just the place to base yourself, too, since they have been preparing gluten free meals for guests for years -- and are now hosting two separate gluten free weeks in the Fall (one in September and one in November).


Both restaurants will be entirely gluten free for each week, and guest chefs from acclaimed U.S. restaurants (some even with Celiac Disease themselves) will be working their magic in the kitchen.


These special week-long getaways were inspired by the Celiac daughter of one of the owners of the resort. She understands first-hand the anxiety of dining out while vacationing -- especially in another country. All the kitchen staff at Arenas Del Mar will have completed the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) GREAT Kitchens training program, and a portion of the proceeds will even go to  to help fund NFCA's wonderful programs. 


As you can see from the photos, this resort is  exquisite...truly paradise...no matter whether you're traveling with children or just adults. It's been voted Top Family Hotel in Central and South America as well as one of the 50 most exotic honeymoon resorts in the world. The government of Costa Rica has even given it 5 stars for luxury and 5 leaves for sustainability


Read more details about Arenas Del Mar, their awards, and the specific dates for the gluten free weeks on our Gluten Free Getaways page (scroll down to Getaway #3). 


Just imagine yourself getting away from it all...enjoying the beauty and serenity of this incredible resort...and the endless diversions and friendly hospitality of Costa Rica...all while gourmet chefs prepare incredible gluten free meals for you for an entire week. Now that's paradise!