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Ted's Montana Grill Offers Fantastic Gluten Free Menu -- and Chance to Win a $30 Gift Card

Named "Best Gluten-Free Restaurant Chain" in the 2012 Gluten-Free Readers' Choice Awards, Ted's Montana Grill is a restaurant you'll want to check out, if you haven't already. My own family has dined there several times and is never disappointed. The menu and atmosphere have a unique twist...making you feel like you are, indeed, dining in "Big Sky Country." Now, in honor of Celiac Awareness Month, Ted's Montana Grill is offering a $30 Gift Card to the lucky winner of this week's random drawing (more details on how to enter can be found below...).

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 2.06.17 PMTed's Montana Grill is named after businessman, philanthropist, environmentalist, and avid outdoorsman Ted Turner. In 2002, he joined forces with famed restauranteur George McKerrow to open their first Ted's location in Columbus, Ohio, and the chain has since grown to over 40 locations in 16 states. Their focus is on the hearty food of "Big Sky Country" -- and they offer the biggest bison menu in the world (both steaks and burgers). But they know how to do seafood well, too, and in fact I've ordered fish the last couple times we've visited one of their restaurants. On their Gluten Free Menu, they offer both Cedar Plank Salmon (always a great choice) as well as a delicious Salt and Pepper Trout. 


In fact, their Gluten Free Menu is quite extensive -- and offers a wide range of quality choices, making it no surprise they've won such high accolades from the gluten free community. There are plenty of "starter" salads (I chose Ted's Chopped, which includes artichokes, corn, garbanzo beans, tomatoes, onion, cucumber, green peppers, and a bit of salami dressed with a delicious basil vinaigrette). If you're in the mood for steak or a burger, you can choose from beef or bison (which is leaner than regular beef and wonderfully tasty). 

My husband ordered the Bison Kansas City Strip, while one of our sons chose a Bison Burger. Our other son stuck with a tried-and-true favorite (the Beef Tenderloin), and I couldn't resist ordering the Salt and Pepper Trout served with corn and tomato salsa, roasted asparagus, and vine-ripened tomatoes.  We dined on a Sunday, and I have to say we were also tempted by the Roast Turkey platter, only served on Sundays (a good excuse to go back!). 


There are plenty of gluten free sides, too -- different veggie choices and several potato options, including delicious hand-cut fries fried in a dedicated fryer. (One of our sons wanted green beans as his veggie, which they offer on the regular menu but not the Gluten Free Menu. When asked, the waiter consulted the chef who said they are prepared with a stock that isn't gluten free. However, they offered to prepare a separate steamed batch for our son.)  The one downside for gluten free diners is that they don't offer gluten free buns for the burgers...but the burgers and their hearty toppings won't leave you hungry, that's for sure! Another "must try" for a future visit is The Avalon burger: beef or bison topped with melted Gruyere and a hint of blue cheese, crumbled bacon, sweet carmelized onions, roasted garlic aioli, and baby arugula. Wow! A Gluten Free Kids Menu is available for smaller appetites, and there are even gluten free dessert options, including hand-made shakes and floats. 

The bar itself provides a welcoming atmosphere for relaxing and enjoying a drink while listening to the Big Band music. All in all, I'd recommend Ted's Montana Grill to anyone following a gluten free diet -- and to anyone looking for a restaurant with a fresh take on classic American dining. 


Whether or not you've had the opportunity to dine at a Ted's Montana Grill restaurant, you have a chance to enter our random drawing for a $30 Ted's Montana Grill Gift Card. If you have dined at one of their locations -- and ordered from their Gluten Free Menu -- then Submit a Review of the location to our website, GlutenFreeTravelSite. Even if you haven't yet dined at Ted's, you can still enter the contest to win the Gift Card...just choose another favorite GF-friendly restaurant to review on our website. Each gluten free dining or travel review submitted to GlutenFreeTravelSite between now and Friday, May 30, 2014 at 11:59 pm Eastern time counts as one entry in our random drawing for the $30 Ted's Montana Grill Gift Card (We accept reviews of restaurants, hotels, resorts, cruises, bakeries, markets, and even colleges!) Submitting a review takes just a few minutes...simply click the Submit a Review link above and follow the prompts from there (start by choosing the state where the restaurant you're reviewing is located, from the pull-down menu). You can also submit a review directly from our free mobile appDINE GLUTEN FREE. Just click on "Search" on the home screen, and you'll see "Submit a New Review" as a choice on the menu. (Please do not leave any reviews in the Comments section below this blog post...but feel free to leave other general comments.)